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    Online league and crew on PS4 for F1 2019 & 18 & 17. Based in the UK

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    Gaming for fun

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    Amateur Formula Racing League [AFRL] is opening up the registration for a brand new F1 League. Are you new to Formula Racing or have you been playing for a long time? Would you like to take part in an F1 Amateur Racing League with a great drivers? We are a PC Based Group. At the Amateur Formula Racing League we host a series of several groups from entry level drivers to the more experienced. So if you're a complete novice this is a great place to start. If you have experience in formula racing that's great! You will be able to compete against some very high level drivers. All the race information can be found in Discord when you've signed up. We have an amazing team to help you get started and with weekly races and practice sessions or even show you how to drive a formula car if you've never done so. There's always someone around to offer help, support and advice. Our season starts in January so you can sign up anytime before the event starts. You will get the chance to choose your team on a first come first serve basis so if you want to be in your favorite team you need to get your application in as soon as you can. Players need to be 13 years old minimum because of the TOS of Twitch. The people behind this are a mature group of experienced gamers from all over the world. We promote positive gaming and we want people to have the best experience they can so we will do our absolute best to do just that. More info to follow in the coming days. The ARFL Team Amateur Formula Racing League

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