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  3. Some cracking screenshots showcasing F1 2021 cars around the French GP.
  4. Codies have release a trailer showing off its new features.
  5. F1 League Standings Template View File F1 League Standings Template For Esport Leagues. Submitter James Submitted 06/18/2021 Category F1 2020 Misc  
  6. Version 1.0.0


    F1 League Standings Template For Esport Leagues.
  7. I have added the 2021 section to the site, do you like the new format having a section for every team, or do you prefer the old way? J
  8. Last week
  9. Every time I want to see my highlights it shows me the walls and spectators!
  10. Where can I find this or better where can I Find and install it?
  11. Does anybody got the same issues that it sometimes changes the setup between Qualy and race in online lobbies? teatv hellodear.in
  12. Yes i can confirm this setup do work for controller, my 1st lap with this setup Was 1.58.2 so lil bit faster than it says, had some mistakes aswell NB! This setup Also worked well for me on austria
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  14. Here is my setup for Le Castellet. What do you think about it? Lap Time: 1:43.900 Fastest lap time during race on 20% used Hard tyres w/o DRS or tow. (Sorry I forgot to note down my quali time!) Race Mode: Career mode. AI level 103% Weather: Dry Controller Type: G27 Wheel Aero: Front Wing: 3 Rear Wing: 3 Diff: 60% on / 40% off Suspension Geometry: Front Camber: -3.5 Rear Camber: -2 Front Toe: 0.1 Rear Toe: 0.32 Suspension: Font Suspension: 2 Rear Suspension: 2 Front Anti-Roll Bar: 2 Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 2 Front Ride Height: 3 Rear Ride Height: 3 Brakes: Bias: 50% Press: FL: 22.6 / FR: 23.8 RL: 21.9 / RR: 22.3
  15. Could it be? Some keen eyed users on steam may have noticed Codemasters adding VR to the games Tags. See attached image.
  16. Hey guys. Here is my setup. What's your opinion about it? Lap Time: 1:13.682 Quali time on Super Soft tyres w/ DRS and w/o tow 1:14.517 Practice session on Soft tyres w/ DRS and w/o tow Race Mode: Career mode. AI level 104 Weather: Dry Controller Type: G27 Wheel Aero: Front Wing: 2 Rear Wing: 3 Diff: 60% on / 40% off Suspension Geometry: Front Camber: -2.8 Rear Camber: -1.1 Front Toe: 0.11 Rear Toe: 0.35 Suspension: Font Suspension: 4 Rear Suspension: 3 Front Anti-Roll Bar: 6 Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 6 Front Ride Height: 3 Rear Ride Height: 3 Brakes: Bias: 55% Press: FL: 23.4 / FR: 24.2 RL: 21.1 / RR: 21.9
  17. Ah okay, my brother got the similar model (second hand) thou. Regards, Diana G Brown
  18. Perfect i had a progress of 6 seconds with this setup
  19. Wow. I almost wanna cry seeing Schumacher and Senna.
  20. Official screenshots with F1 2021 Car Skins.
  21. Bit to late for F1 2020
  22. Codices have lifted the embargo and now the YouTubers are out in force……
  23. Rocket setup i got 1.12.585 in Q3 (My team Renault season 3)
  24. until
    British GP Sprint Qualifying Silverstone
  25. With this year F1 Deluxe Edition codies have added some fantastic Iconoic Drivers that you can sign to your team. Iconic drivers Michael Schumacher According to the statistics, Michael Schumacher was the greatest F1® driver of all time, prior to the 2020 season. A stunning 91 wins in 308 races, and seven World Championships to his name, a feat that’s only just been equalled last season by Lewis Hamilton. Michael’s biggest success came at Ferrari, where he’d been hand-picked to drive the team to success, winning five consecutive titles with the team from 2000 – 2004. Ayrton Senna Ayrton Senna: truly one of the all-time greats of Formula 1®. A prodigy in his karting and early open wheel career, he started in F1® in 1984 at Toleman-Hart and began scoring points in his first season. He took 41 wins, 65 pole positions, including that incredible 1988 lap of Monaco, and three World Championships, all of which were won in partnership with McLaren. Alain Prost Alain Prost was given the moniker of ‘The Professor’ due to his strategic and intellectual style of racing. Debuting at McLaren in 1980, his career stats are formidable: 51 wins, 41 fastest laps and four World Championships. He took his first World Championship in his second stint at McLaren in 1985, then again in 1986 and 1989, in a fierce intra-team rivalry with Ayrton Senna. He’d take his last championship in 1993 with Williams before retiring at the end of the season. Jenson Button Starting his career at Williams in 2000 as the then youngest F1® driver ever, Jenson Button would go on to take 15 wins, eight pole positions, and win his World Championship in 2009, in Brawn GP’s first and only season in Formula 1®. Button moved to McLaren in 2010, where he partnered with a young Lewis Hamilton. Nico Rosberg The son of 1982 World Champion Keke Rosberg, Nico started his Formula 1® career at Williams in 2006. He moved to Mercedes in 2010 to race alongside Michael Schumacher until pairing with Lewis Hamilton in 2013. In 2016, he won the World Championship, beating his teammate, Lewis Hamilton, and winning nine of the 21 races of that season. David Coulthard One of the most successful British drivers in F1® racing history, David Coulthard, or DC, as he’s more commonly known, raced 15 seasons in Formula 1®, before retiring in 2008. He secured 13 wins and 62 podium finishes during his lengthy career, coming second to Michael Schumacher in the 2001 World Championship. Felipe Massa Making his debut in 2002 with Sauber, Felipe Massa would go on to take 11 race wins, 41 podiums, and came second to Lewis Hamilton in the 2008 season, famously losing out by just one point. Massa scored his first F1® victory at the 2006 Turkish Grand Prix and showed off his overtaking ability with multiple drives through the field that season, culminating a win at the Brazilian Grand Prix
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