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  2. I'm on PS4 as well and I have noticed that only one of a few friends has times in some of the Time Trials, but not all them. I never really put much thought into it other than I thought it was odd other people don't do them. But now that you have pointed it out, the one friend who's times I see on some of the tracks has legit times registered with-in the top 1500 on the tracks I see his times. I'm wondering if that could be why? Is that the same for you?
  3. Playing on the PS4, I have times set on most tracks, and can only see the best time for my friends on maybe one or two tracks. I know they have times for most tracks as well. They are only able to see my times on one or two tracks as well. Any help on what I can do to see the times for all tracks? thanks
  4. I would like to have the ability to change tires, monitor tire temps and see how each setup affects them during Time Trials. Also, like to see during TT's if you touch the wall it affects the car's performance.
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  6. More FILTER options for online racing. Right now I can only filter by region. I'd like to filter by track, or whether or not they are in "in lobby" or "race" ect.
  7. Leyson

    Dubai C

    20,0/24.0 21,6/-1.6 25%/38% 100%
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  9. To have a wintertest. It’s also great to add more display on the steering wheel. It would be great to add the voices of the drivers, to request the entry of pits like by example "Box Box" and not the engineer who speaks in place of the driver, it would add more realism to the game and entertainment...
  10. Weekly events that present situations in the actual 2020 grand prix's. Weekly events have been a huge step forward, but recreations of tight situations in a very recent gp would connect users even more tightly to the real world.
  11. I agree with @Wilhelm, we need more aggressive AI, seems they only try to overtake on straights and never take a chance entering corners. Also, each team has a different Engineer & Crew instead of just Jeff & Carl.
  12. Team: Red Bull Lap Time: 1:28.442 Race Mode: Career season 1 100%AI no assist one-shot quali Weather: Dry Controller Type: PS4 controller Aerodynamics Front Wing Aero: 6 Rear Wing Aero: 7 Transmission Differential Adjustment On Throttle: 50% Differential Adjustment Off throttle: 70%  Suspension Geometry  Front Camber: -2.50 Rear Camber: -1.20 Front Toe: 0.05 Rear Toe: 0.20 Suspension Font Suspension: 4 Rear Suspension: 2 Front Anti-Roll Bar: 7 Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 11 Front Ride Height: 3 Rear Ride Height: 4 Brakes Brake Pressure: 86% Front Brake Bias: 54% Tyres Tyres Front Tyre Pressure: 23.4psi Rear Tyre Pressure: 21.1psi
  13. Amazing setup. Got a 1.36,284 with Mclaren in Q3 S1. Keep up the work!
  14. the DAS system on the Mercedes (if they use it in Australia) and any other cars that are able to utilise it.
  15. The bug that bugs me the most is when trying to join a ranked race and you get an error during matchmaking. Rather than returning me to the menu screen or the previous screen, the game gets stuck on the matchmaking screen and I have to close the app. This is on PS4, not sure if it is experienced on other platforms. Another bug or exploit that is still in the game(I first noticed in 2018) is that if you are doing the 3 qualifying sessions in career mode, you can exit to the main menu after each qualifying session and go back and start the next session with a full set of fresh tires.
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  17. You're in the top 10 now Engineer says this when I've been in the top 10 the whole time, even first from the start. I get the feeling he should of said something else. Happens almost every race.
  18. Cadê da segunda temporada?? Seus ajustes são os melhores 😄😄
  19. Dose anyone have a setup for Racing point??
  20. Another small patch released on all platforms.....
  21. I think GUEST MODE in Time Trial would be neat. If a friend visits and has a go on the game there is the problem of them driving as me. If there was a guest mode toggle to on/off they can set their own time to the friends leaderboard (they could enter their name manually).
  22. @Vorrion Thanks for taking the time to post your settings across multiple seasons, noting your upgrades for each setup. Haven't been too many others doing this, obvious to us, little detail.
  23. Fantastic setup mate!! I’ve always struggled at this track but this setup made it feel easy!!
  24. oh yea, Hockenheimring....I wish they would keep this(and many other classics). It's sad to see it go, but I'm also looking forward to two new tracks.
  25. A more aggressive AI, improve the AI in wet conditions, improve the damage of cars, improve the weather and the management of the weather, add more sponsorboards, by pity replace the engineer by another name than Jeff, improvement of tire wear by different conditions, improve the audio between the driver and the engineer, have the possibility of displaying the driver numbers when the blue flag appears on the screen, improve the entry of the pits.
  26. Posted these in the 2019 thread.. More control over the tire choice you bring to each race. For instance, I would prefer the "softer" tire set-up for practices but if you choose this you wont get a medium tire in qualifying, only softs. I would propose more freedom with choosing tires at the beginning of the race weekend. Also, for multi-player cars, I wish we could choose what engine sound we have. Each engine has it's unique sound, and at the moment all multi-player cars use the Ferrari sound. I would like to be able to choose which sound or have certain cars that use certain suppliers(all equally matched of course). Keep your online profile/driver separate from the career driver and the ability to create more than one driver for different careers like we could previously.
  27. Tracks from previous seasons as a DLC pack
  28. Classic Tracks for classic cars. Maybe some DLC where you can download different season packs with teams, drivers and tracks. Most other games have DLC and I wouldn't mind putting a few quid into it if was for DLC
  29. Back by popular demand. With the new season just around the corner and the 2020 cars being launched, there is no better time to start the 2020 Wishlist.
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