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  1. Depending on platform it should auto update.
  2. James

    F1 2019 Bugs

    We now have had our latest instalment of F1 2019 Patch, I'm interested to see what other bugs you guys still face as I can't see many more to patch. How are you finding the F12019 bugs?
  3. Im rubbish at Baku so I aways take all new extra components and take the penalty and start at the back of the grid.
  4. Incase you missed it yesterday 1.09 is now live.
  5. Finally we get our first Livery update.
  6. Codemasters have released patch .07 and is live on PC. patch notes:
  7. hi buddy hows things 

    great setups by the way

    got a question hope you can help 

    why is the ps4 pro version of f1 2019 15 gb more 54 gb on pro to the xbox one x 39 gb on here

    race on both consoles with different friends but cant find out why ps4 pro version is a bigger size . ggogle tells me nothing

    cheers buddy

  8. Patch now live for PC and PS4
  9. Update 17/07 now live on Xbox and PlayStation. Patch 1.05 has just gone live, please visit link below to see changes, Playstation to follow in the next few days.
  10. James

    Patch 1.05

    Its great to see Codemasters so honest about the time scale of there upcoming update, we have to wait 2 weeks though
  11. Not a very big update, but hopefully sort the DX issues.
  12. I agree, I use my time trail setups in career mode and just adjust the wings as Haas has a speedy Ferrari engine.
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