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  1. Does anybody have other setups to submit ? I feel quite lost with this track's setups, I was faster than the AI with no real difficulty since the beggining of the season, but I just can't be fast enough in Hungary. I tried almost every setup in this thread but I don't feel confortable with any of them. I'm a little bit faster than the AI in the middle sector, but I lose a lot of time in the two others. I specialy don't feel safe in the first and last corners, I feel so slow. Can anybody post something under the 1:23.000 ?
  2. Ferrari (No time yet) Aerodynamic : Front 5 Rear 11 Transmission : With 75% Without 78% Suspension Geometry : Front Camber -3,50 Rear Camber -2,00 Front Toe 0,15 Rear Toe 0,50 Suspension : Front 9 Rear 2 Front Anti-Roll Bar 7 Rear Anti-Roll Bar 7 Tires : Front 18,0 Rear 18,0 Weight : Ballast 5 Comments : I tried some setups here but I always had the same lack of grip problem in turns 9, 10 and 11. I worked a little bit on that and now I can handle those corners more easily. Good setup also for the rest of the lap. You have to be smooth on the throttle on the exit of turns 2, 4, 9, 11, 14 and 15.
  3. Mercedes AMG Petronas 01:17:793 Time Trial Aerodynamic: Front 7 Rear 8 Transmission: with: 75% without: 80% Suspension Geometry: Front Camber: -3,50 Rear Camber: -2.00 Front Toe: 0,13 Rear Toe: 0,38 Suspension: Front: 10 Rear: 2 Front Anti-Roll Bar: 10 Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 10 Tires: Front: 18.0 Rear: 18.0 Weight: Ballast: 7
  4. Quite hard to handle as you said, but after a few laps I started to feel good and to make good laps. Best lap was 1:31.709, but I also did a few 1:31.600 with a mistake in the very last corner, which gave me a warning.
  5. Very nice setup, feels almost the same as Styx50's setup, but I did a best time with this one. 1:35.957 in Time Trial, Mercedes. Don't know how it feels in Pro Season.
  6. I just did a 1:25.725 in Season Pro Mode with the Ferrari and Maggi's setup. I think we're going to start a nice setup relationship mate, I like your setups for the two first circuits of the championship, I hope you have some more for Spa and Singapore
  7. I don't know, I'm not really good at improving setups, I just like to give my feedback And maybe increasing the downforce is not the best solution, maybe a work on the suspensions could give the same results on those corners without losing too much time in the straights. I don't know how the setups really change the cars' "drivability" in this game, but depending on my previous games experience, I would have tried to create a difference between the front and the rear wings, like 6-8 or something. It worked well in the previous games, but I don't know for F1 2015. I know I couldn't drive a car with the same amount of downforce on both wings, so maybe there's something to work on from that side. But as I said, I'm no expert in improving setups and I don't know yet how F1 2015 works from that point of view, so maybe it would just not work at all. Yes, but since every car has a different style, sometimes you'll have to adapt a chosen setup to the car you're using. In the previous games, I know the Red Bull where much better in fast corners than the Lotus as an example, so if I took a good Red Bull setup for my Lotus, I would still have problems in fast corners, since the setup added just enough downforce for the Red Bull while the Lotus needed more.
  8. 1:37.861 with Maggi's setup and the Ferrari. The setup feels almost good enough for Time Trial but a little bit more wing would help going through turns 5 & 6, 7 & 8, and turn 14.
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