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  1. I used your setup with Williams, simply perfect for me! 1:35:845 with prime tyres and 1:34:382 with option tyres!
  2. I use this setup with William and I have done: 1.43.384. This is the best setup I have tried. I have changed only Aerodynamics F:7 R:7
  3. I also used DeT Ecktiv's setup with my Williams and it was good! Only the race was heavy rain and I didn't have problem to win. My best lap was 1:34:624 but this time it was not the best i could do. It was enough to control and win the race.
  4. CarWilliamsRace TypeCareer PracticeAerodynamicsFront Wing Angle: 8Rear Wing Angle: 8BrakingBalance: F 50% - R 50%Pressure: HighBrake Size: StandardBalanceFront Anti-Roll Bar: 2Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 11SuspensionFront Ride Height: 1Rear Ride Height: 1Front Spring Stiffness: 10Rear Spring Stiffness: 10GearboxGear 1: 136 kph / xxx mphGear 2: 167 kph / xxx mphGear 3: 198 kph / xxx mphGear 4: 227 kph / xxx mphGear 5: 257 kph / xxx mphGear 6: 287 kph / xxx mphGear 7: 328 kph / xxx mphEngineRich MixFuel: 4-5 lapsAlignmentCamber Front: -3.40Camber Rear: -1.40Toe Front: 0.13Toe Rear: 0.44TyresIntermediate
  5. I use your setup and my best time with prime tyres is 1:19.062 and 1:17:894 with option tyres
  6. I use your set that it's good, I hate this circuit but my time in qualyfing is 1:24:657! (8th)
  7. I use this set up, for my style is perfect! Best lap is: 1:30.473
  8. Hi everyone! I used this setup.. It's good and I managed a 1:31:964 in qualifying (10th) with Williams, and 1.32.348 in race (1th)
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