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  1. It probably wont effect me cos even tho i will get the game on my birthday 2nd september i wont probably play it till decemeber as im mimicking the 16 championship as they are competing this year. So 2 weeks time i will do race at spa the same time as them.
  2. So with info now starting to come out what do we know so far. I am intrigued as I'm not a career mode guy at the moment as I'm just playing championship mode at the mo on the 16 game but just wondering as to weather u have to look after your car in championship mode like u will have to in the career mode. Also who will I drive for next year Ferrari or merc.
  3. I think definitely it's better using a wheel than a controller. I also use a controller and altho I don't have any problems with using one with xbox one u can be more accurate around corners where as with the controller u are constantly steering it round a corner so u are effectively using up the tyres up more. Altho with more experience u do get better at it.
  4. Having never played yet with a wheel I am wondering is there time to be found if using a wheel. So like yesterday with a controller on Xbox one on expert at Silverstone in the Mercedes and qualified p1 with a 1:33.080 and a full 8 tengths faster than my team mate. So am wonder if I could go faster with a wheel. As I have seen people who have done low 1:30s altho I think that maybe be on time trile
  5. I haven't bothered with career mode which it seems most people are on here. I'm just doing 100% grand prix weekends on expert as Nico Rosberg in the merc. And finding expert pretty easy to be honest altho 19 points behind my team mate after Silverstone where I came last but qualified p1 but tried overtaking in stupid places so my own fault but the race before in Austria p1 in quali and p1 in the race and probably my easiest race ever. But when it comes to the 17 game going up a level to master level if it's there.
  6. Yeah it's not in the game. Altho like today racing at Silverstone on grand prix weekend and I had 2 problems one was no Drs and the other was engine suffer from wear altho I didn't suffer any speed loss. But I'm hoping that will change for the 17 game.
  7. I would like to see the game as close to the 17 regs in real as possible. I Mean with power of the engines so we are able to pretty much match the times in real life also by only having the 4 engines per season. Even down to changing components if u have problems with them so would have to have reliability problems with your own car. Maybe a session where u can have a test session. With the way this series is going it is getting better and better but feel that we could get it better still.
  8. Followed this setup in the Mercedes and posted a 1.33.080. Good setup and could of found more time
  9. Hello mate just have to say that your setup was awesome. Brilliant setup. I set a 1:33.3 in practice 3 in the Ferrari but in qualifying managed a 1:33.6 so was a bit gutted cos I think a 1:32 was possible. But even still mega setup. Well done.
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