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  1. Tried it, liked the base so tried to tweak it a bit more. Aero 5-5 trans 60-60 geometry same suspension 5-5 6-6 4-4 brakes and tires same felt more stable in both front and rear, can take the esses in sector 1 at almost full throttle all the way trough. Tire wear goes up a bit but not shocking
  2. Tried your setup, thanks for the good base setup! Didn’t really like the 2-2 wings so upped them to 5-5. Played a bit with the setup bc I found it a bit too ungrippy in the slower corners of sector 3. Got with this setup and pretty happy with it. In race simulation got to under 0,85x wear and still good times on all compounds. Top speed isn’t that great, Jeff just told me that I’m 16th (327,x kph) in the speed trap. But is good in the corners. Driving with Haas, season 1. abs and medium TC, PS4 with controller 100% race distance, with 103 AI. Aero
  3. Having the problem now on missing a R&D goal. Had DRS improvement, so the goal has me to record a ‘competitive’ top speed in a DRS-zone. I’m at Monza now, from Parabolica in Rich fuel and overtake ERS until first corner. Engineer told me that we top speed trap @ 345 kmh. Still no R&D points... Do I have to drive 400 to get that goal? :’)
  4. Great setup considering tire wear, got 0,71x on the mediums! Driving with worn parts so speed I can’t really tell atm. Will update when finished P3 and done the quali sim.
  5. Started my career with Haas, but both fuel economy and ERS usage are so worse.. when having ERS at 2, I lose about 5% battery every lap, no matter what track i’m driving. Also have to overfuel my car by at least +0,5 to make it to the end without losing too much pace over the laps. Anyone else having this struggle? Just curious haha
  6. Thank you for this setup! only thing I did was up front downforce to 4 and diff on throttle to 80. Got 0,91x on hards and 0,84(!) on mediums in the race simulation, even pushing hard on the hards. Highest temp after three laps was 99/124C on the left front tire, coming onto the long straight
  7. With AI at 105, I altered the setup just a bit. Got 1.00 and 0.99 tire wear at the race sim, couldn’t do it on hyper because of rain. This setup is a beast in the wet (at least on inters), got pole by over a second in my Sauber over Vettel! aero: 5/5 trans: 80/75 geometry: 3.00/1.30/0.09/0.41 suspension: 7/5/8/5/4/4 brakes: 87/56 tires: 23.0/21.9 distribution: 6 Did the changes to make the back more stable and hoping to decrease rear tire wear. Only little oversteer is now at the exit of the first right hander in sector 2. driving with a
  8. I just completed my first season with Sauber, gradually upgrading my car and getting closer to the front running cars. Going into season 2 I noticed that it was harder for me to complete the practise programs, like the race simulation. It’s most of the time impossible for me to get the first lap in a green delta time. I’m losing a lot of time braking and mid corner (especially the slower corners), but then I gain back some time on the exit. I’m now in China and it’s still a disaster. Using setups from this site will give me good tire wear (which I think is very important in t
  9. Changed your setup just a bit for my career Sauber. Was having much rear tire wear on the straits, and found it just a bit too loose in the second sector. Changed wings to 4-4, front suspension to 7, tires to 21,0-20,7 (to prevent too much overheating) and ballast to 6. Still a bit loose, but no compromise on front grip. Still a great setup! My race simulation got all three compounds under 1,00x wear with ease
  10. Having the same problem. Restarted the race with +10 laps, now three laps in and i’ve only got +5 left, driving in fuel 1 for the last lap... already noticed in FP that while doing the race simulation, I got no fuel usage with the medium and harder compound. On the most soft tires I did get fuel usage. EDIT: max fuel I can put in at the start of the race is 49,4 liters. I hope I remembered it right but used around 1,8 per lap during the race sim. 100% race lenght is 57 laps so I do need around 100 liters. This means I’ll never have enough fuel in, thanks Cod
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