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    Race starts

    It's probably the easiest to gain position.Hold the clutch at the 3rd red light at half throttle.Closer.to.the.start get to 90 % depending on shell.spin then full.throttle . Get to either inside depending on corner and don't.brake when they all do you will pass5+ depending on start position. Sometimes.you cut the corner.to much or illegal pass and Get a penalty either 3 seconds or.give positionback. Usually giving back position for.me.results in 2 cars going past. I'm new using Xbox.controller and tons of.tips on here to make.the game.so much more enjoyable. Many players have excellent setups for each track. Experiment and.remember.the car your in is a factor . From the engine to chassis they all have quirks. Pick a setup for what your driving including if.wheel or controller. People on here are great very helpful. In one of the setups throw this question in there your more liable to receive an answer.its where.i found the starting tip regarding wheel spin etc. I played around with it to find.wht works for.me .The 3rd red etc is all my little things to help me. You will.find yours. But throttle to the 1st corner and you Wil pass as they brake cause of the jam. Stay tight to the inside of whatever corner R or L and you will see exactly what happens. If you qualify say 10th and follow the rest you will stay there perhaps be passed, if you use the get to the inside you should end up around 5th. Also depending on car if you know they have deficiencies so find out what's absolutely necessary to upgrade 1st to be competitive (their.is usually 2 absolutely necessary to.do.first . I'm talking Career as that's what I play and find it more enjoyable..You can set the setting so low you will win every race easily get some quick points to upgrade then around the 4th race go to your level.in career and.any race unless you have a superb memory the practice is so needed. You learn the track it's a must as each corner coming it's nice to know. .again so many tips for car set ups for controller wheel and car , track truly helpful. No trash talking ignorance etc. Just nice people.wiling to.share to help your enjoyment better. Good luck and practice a half dozen times on starts and you Wil see.what I mean. Just be careful as going in deep many times wing damage it's a fine line then again the whole race is living on that edge . Good.luck hope it helped some .
  2. No problem. The least I could do. Like I said i wont be posting as I have nothing g to offer as I'm using the many adaptations tried. If i ebmver post i assure you i will have a quick look as the majority who post have multiple.postings. Man was I ever wrong. Have fun out there !:)
  3. Hello. I would.like.to.give my sincerest apology to.4eyedCoupe regarding my comments to his post. There is no excuse.for.my ignorant demeaning reply. It was totally uncalled for. As MR. 4eyedCoupe is a valuable contributor that newbies like myself.learn from my reply was incongruous. I.hope my apology is accepted and I can be forgiven by such a valuable member.on this site. Without players like this newbies like myself would spend countless extra hours with these setup and tips to make my entertainment of a great game that much more enjoyable and playable . Mr. 4eyedCoupe I should practice what I preach and.take.that 5 seconds before a post reply etc. I would not have to come.on here and speak and.apologize as an idiot moron. Heck one used a set up of his before my ignorance got.the better of me.. Again this site.is fillled with such comradarie that i alone.jumped the gun and.responded in a disrespectful and inhumane way. I am.sorry to all who read my response which i hope i deleted and.may have been offended by it. And of course.to Mr 4eyedBlonde my deepest apology that was totally wrong. I will of xourae.keep.searching for setups and t11ips from the real pros at this and thanks to all who do. It is very much appreciated . I will keep.silent until a time I can adds in a respectful manner to this site. It's enabled a beginner to advance very quickly. I 5ha k.you all to.r making that possible. Geez almost f3els.like I'm actually winning something Lol. Thanks to all.
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