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    Race starts

    It's probably the easiest to gain position.Hold the clutch at the 3rd red light at half throttle.Closer.to.the.start get to 90 % depending on shell.spin then full.throttle . Get to either inside depending on corner and don't.brake when they all do you will pass5+ depending on start position. Sometimes.you cut the corner.to much or illegal pass and Get a penalty either 3 seconds or.give positionback. Usually giving back position for.me.results in 2 cars going past. I'm new using Xbox.controller and tons of.tips on here to make.the game.so much more enjoyable. Many players have excellent setu
  2. No problem. The least I could do. Like I said i wont be posting as I have nothing g to offer as I'm using the many adaptations tried. If i ebmver post i assure you i will have a quick look as the majority who post have multiple.postings. Man was I ever wrong. Have fun out there !:)
  3. Hello. I would.like.to.give my sincerest apology to.4eyedCoupe regarding my comments to his post. There is no excuse.for.my ignorant demeaning reply. It was totally uncalled for. As MR. 4eyedCoupe is a valuable contributor that newbies like myself.learn from my reply was incongruous. I.hope my apology is accepted and I can be forgiven by such a valuable member.on this site. Without players like this newbies like myself would spend countless extra hours with these setup and tips to make my entertainment of a great game that much more enjoyable and playable . Mr. 4eyedCoupe I should practice wh
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