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  1. does anyone else feel the last couple of patches have been making the cars understeer more and more and the balance of performance needs to be changed for the ferrari to be faster than the merc!!
  2. good setup but on the ferrari the car has a little too much understeer
  3. hope there will be a balance of performance patch soon, now that ferrari have gotten faster than Mercedes and red bull have gotten slower
  4. Has anyone noticed that the front wing starts to break apart in chunks and bits as the car bottoms out? Perfect example would be as the car bottoms out going up Eau Rouge when i look back at the replay from the camera outside the car you can see chunks breaking off as it bottoms out, happens on the ferrari and merc but not sure if it happens on all the other cars? has this always happened or is this a error from patch 1.09? Has anyone noticed this happening in the game?
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