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  1. @Vorrion Thanks for taking the time to post your settings across multiple seasons, noting your upgrades for each setup. Haven't been too many others doing this, obvious to us, little detail.
  2. First, sorry for MY delay in response you took time and made effort to reply and assist me! [TRY to never be a Man of Excuses- simply an explanation, rather... our topic notification went to email junk mail, which has been corrected!) No, no, you were dead on in assumption I was talking 2019. Um, yes, may be some variation between console platform file saving - so will keep my guard up and stay frosty. While I've you on the line and topic, if you will, could I trouble you for insight (foresight for my F1 2019 career moves)? Wandering how R&D upgrades should be handl
  3. First, Thanks @4eyedCoupe for being one of, perhaps 3 users, of whom I exclusively use as my F1 virtual race engineers... If you've posted a setup, I've run it!! But back to OP's question regarding team swapping - Have few questions of my own. I piggybacked off this one to get further guidance on a specific tactic you asserted to, 4eyed - disabling autosave to shop contract offers, negotiate, spy on development of other RD Trees.. How does that work? Best and only solution I'd come up with was going offline and delete save, reconnect to have xbox live reup my last game
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