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  1. I also noticed this but if you upgrade your components with the most wear in order of what needs it the most and address this factor every other race weekend then you can actually still overachieve on your objectives! im 1st season, McClaren, full P, full Q, full R, 95% difficulty... I sacrificed Monaco because I hate it and I run my only assist of ABS. now at Sochi, durability is 1 on all parts except gearbox & ICE are 2. im still good on wear rates but I’ve noticed the gb, knetic, and turbo are high wearing parts so pay attention to these primarily whilst progressing other area’s of R&D! so in short if you are not swapping parts for when you need the pace (Qu. & Race) then I suggest you do so and don’t neglect durability as it will slow your rates of wear... in turn prolonging the lifespan of upgrades parts!
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