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  1. Can anyone help me with this track? I'm using vorrions setup above, and its quick. However if I hit the inside kerb on Pouhon (turn 12) I spin off every time. Can this be sorted with a setup tweak or is that corner just a killer?
  2. Really loved this setup, even in the dry. Struggled through the two high speed right handers before but it was easy with this. Probably sacrificed top speed but it was easy to be consistent.
  3. This is a great setup. I hate this track but managed to do really well with this setup. Absolutely loving your season 2 setups. They work fine on my own season 2 Alpha. The one thing that I have to change generally (not on this one) is of you have differential below 75%, as otherwise the rear end can be unstable leading too some disastrous moments. I play 90 AI with medium traction control, and I think I'm just not skilled enough on the throttle to go lower on the differential.
  4. Thanks Vorrion. The setup felt superb as i grabbed my first career win on 90% AI in the Alpha. The only feedback would be that when I viewed the replay, the car was sparking like crazy. It seemed to perform fine, but do I need to change the ride height on the Alpha if this is happening?
  5. Works well for my Alfa in career mode season 1. Very well balanced.
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