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  1. Team:Mercedes Carrermode Aerodynamics: Front Wing:2 Rear Wing:1 Braking: Balance: 47%-53% Pressure:High Size:Standard Balance: Front Bar:9(but you probably could go down to 5,it´s just personal preference) Rear Bar:11 Suspension: Front Ride:11 Rear Ride:1 Front Spring:8/11 Rear Spring:11 Alignement: Camber Front: -3.50 Camber Rear: -1.50 Toe Front: 0.15 Toe Rear: 0.50 Time:1.35,749 Note:You can change the alignement for the race to -3.30 and -1.30,so i was able to pull out an One-Stop-Strategy during 50% Race.
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