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  1. Mercedes and it's new. Game has issues my friends.
  2. would give a shot if you will. usually i play 75-80 as difficulty level or something about 2500-3000 worldwide position in time trial (no assists at all).
  3. My car is totally different and I do not know how to regulate and I do not know where to look for information.
  4. I've just finished P1 in Bahrain and I've got 3 components at 50% durability. Wondering if this is a McLaren-Honda problem or if this is a me problem.
  5. It is a process after all, a challenge to keep improving forward. Better, after all, is in the eye of the beholder. Stuff from the past I'd like to see again. F1CE had 2 features I particularly liked. First in the lap chart, you were given lap time, sector times and speed through the trap; second you could set up a one off race and set the entire grid to your liking.
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