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  1. This looks absolutely insane. It finally looks like Codemasters have got the hint and given more content!
  2. Hey Man, I've seen your videos and they are sick! People share links to their hot laps on here with their set ups so I don't see why the admins would see it as a problem. Either that or type them all out.... Keep doing what you're doing, hopefully you'll hit them 1500 subs soon?
  3. Platform Xbox One Team Williams Laptime 1:40.676 - With Controller Game Mode Time Trail Aerodynamics Front Wing Angle: 3 Rear Wing Angle: 3 Transmission On Throttle: 73% Off Throttle: 73% Suspension Geometry Front Camber: -3.50 Rear Camber: -2.00 Front Toe: 0.15 Rear Toe: 0.50 Suspension Front Suspension: 11 Rear Suspension: 1 Front Anti-Roll Bar: 9 Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 9 Tyre Pressure Front Tyre Pressure: 17.6psi Real Tyre Pressure: 17.6psi Weight Distribution: Ballest: 4 Tweaked 'James' Mercedes setup for Williams, it's is a very well balanced, but as I noted I am using a controller, so it
  4. isnt the ride height a little low for rainy weather?
  5. My setups good on tyres with not to bad speed :)
  6. Car Ferrari Time 1.29.765 Race Type Career Aerodynamics Front Wing Angle: 6 Rear Wing Angle: 6 Braking Balance: F 48% - R 52% Pressure: Medium Brake Size: Standard Balance Front Anti-Roll Bar: 4 Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 8 Suspension Front Ride Height: 2 Rear Ride Height: 2 Front Spring Stiffness: 5 Rear Spring Stiffness: 4 Gearbox (curtosy of saltesc) 139kph/87mph 172kph/107mph 201kph/125mph 230kph/143mph 261kph/162mph 293kph/182mph 350kph/218mph Engine Rich (Mix 3) Alignment Camber Front: -3.10 amber Rear: -0.90 Toe Front: 0.10 Toe Rear: 0.35 Tyres Option Aids
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