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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone! I would like to know if it is possible to change the car setup (brake bias, fuel mix, others..) during a lap using a smartphone app. I have a Logitech G25 and it's really difficult navigate through the menus to change settings while racing against hard opponents. Was thinking that a smartphone app would be nice for it. Select the option on a quick menu, slide the value to the desired setting and that's it! Anybody here is aware of some app like that? Thanks!
  2. GStamopc255


    Good day I'm old f1 just never seen it with a car seat and generally set it up. now i have the ps4 with the f1 of 17 and I wanted to take a little bit seriously. that the time they do on the internet is very much in relation to my own without me making a particular mistake in my drive. I want to ask will have a difference if I finish the game (the 10 seasons mean) or just wants a lot of complaining with the car stack; and I want you to tell me if Research and Development are playing a role in the live game on the internet. Thanks for your time.
  3. Hi! I think I've seen this q but I couldn't find it again so in the game a larger negative camber is "marked" as min (left) so I want to get it clearified. Do I get more negative camber if I set towards min. or how does it work? Hope u get what I mean... Thanks in advance! // encor3
  4. Hi Guys, I seriously have problem with all the cars in full speed. My car is always 15/20 km/h slower than all the other cars. 1st race, Aus GP, I raced in career mode with Renault, and also a Mclaren Honda overtook me very very simply in the rectilinear sections of the circuit.... In Monza I just lose 1 second between "Ascari" and "Parabolica". I barely can use the 8th gear because the car is slow... maybe it's just a setup problem, maybe not... can someone help me?? thanks
  5. Hi, are F1 2016 car setup usable also for F1 2017 or not (and is it better to test and refine a new setup with the new game)? If not, which are the most important differerence beetween the two edition of the game (in terms of setup indication / car reaction)? As more of us, I hardly worked on F1 2016 car setup for each circuit and I want to understand if is possible to start from this work or if is better to re-start from zero. Thanks and Regards, Andrea
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