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23 minutes ago, raymond badgery said:

Hi, what do you guys think about getting the game then having to download a huge update file before you can use the game fully on day one?

As have to pay for my data, monthly allowance! They should reimburse my costs as product is faulty when purchased?

Or am I being picky! It was so annoying! Otherwise great game as is Dirt 4.

The thing is they have to go gold with the game a while before the game gets released, and have to self copy’s to the media.

But they carry on working on the game until release week, also F1 changes a lot so they have to update the cars. 

Hope that explains.

 image.png image.pngimage.pngimage.png

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James, great site by the way.

I understand what they did and why!

But it's like buying a kettle and when you unpack it, there's no lead or plug!

You have to go and get it for free!, but you have to pay to go and get it and it's your time as well. I am pretty sure it's illegal to do this and they could be sued, but probably not worth it.

Codemasters should pay for this initial update, either downloading the data or supplying another disk!

Anyway rant over and just getting on with the game!😊

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