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Chinese Grand Prix Dry

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Team: William's

Lap Time: 1:35.570

Race Mode: Qualification

Weather: Dry

Controller Type: Wheel

Front Wing Aero: 3
Rear Wing Aero: 3

Differential Adjustment On Throttle: 65%
Differential Adjustment Off throttle: 70%

Suspension Geometry 
Front Camber: -3.20
Rear Camber: -1.70
Front Toe: 0.12
Rear Toe: 0.40

Font Suspension: 6
Rear Suspension: 6
Front Anti-Roll Bar: 4
Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 3
Front Ride Height: 4
Rear Ride Height: 5

Brake Pressure: 88%
Front Brake Bias: 59%

Tyres Front Tyre Pressure: 23.0psi
Rear Tyre Pressure: 21.5psi

Weight Distribution
Ballast: 8


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