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I'm starting a new career and would like your suggestions


New career choices  

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  1. 1. What team should I start with

    • Toro Rosso
    • Sauber
    • Haas
    • None of the above: Suggest a team below and the reason why
  2. 2. How should I progress?

    • Stick with the same team and ride them to the top
    • Start Toro Rosso and move to Redbull later
    • Start Sauber and move to Ferrari later
    • None of the above: Make a suggestion below
  3. 3. What should my drivers name be?

    • Patrick Marshall - Scottish driver (named after my mother Patricia)
    • William Van der Berg - Dutch driver (named after my late grandfather whose last name was Van deN Berg)
    • Gerardo(Jerry) Garcia - Spanish or Mexican driver (tribute to the late Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead)
    • Chris Robinson - American driver (I'm a big Black Crowes fan if you know who they are)
    • Gram Parsons - British driver (love Hot Burrito 1 & 2, nothing else to be said)
    • None of the above: Suggest a name and nationality below(remember, it must be an in game audio name)
    • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

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Hello all.  I'm on the cusp of finishing a 2nd season of my career mode.  I'm new to the F1 games so I started at a very easy level and after I learned how to change the AI settings, I've worked my way to AI 75.  Once I finish the season, I am looking to start a new career at AI 85 and work my way up from there and hopefully get to the highest AI setting

I'd like your opinions on how my next career should be.  So please vote and leave constructive feedback below.  The only requirements for the next career are: No Mercedes powered cars, & and preferably not a Renault powered car either other(but maybe you have a good argument to post below and persuade me).  The drivers name must also be an Audio name in the game.  

I look forward to your opinions and suggestions!



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