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How to find your driver experience (AI) level'? in F2019

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What is the best way to find your driver/experience level in F1 2019?

I have started a career mode with a AI level of 58 with a McLarren. 
Tweaked it to about a point that I was a mid fielder during qualifying at the start of the season.

However I am now mid season in my career and find it easy to get 1st on the grid in Q3.
That seems to be highly unrealistic. Of course I can increase the difficulty level of the AI, but what is the best way to find your experience level?

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 I decided early on in the season I was going to spend my R&D points on chassis and aero upgrades. So I've had to start using new engine elements as no reliability upgrades other than first one to open up that R&D. I've  got to now use worn parts in FP1 and FP2 and save the fresher parts for FP3 (quali sim), Quali and Race, so I'm thinking of taking penalties at Hungarian gp, never do well there on  previous games



Nox Vidmate VLC

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