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F1 2020 Wishlist

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20 hours ago, 4eyedCoupe said:

I do save car set-ups, but there just aren't enough save slots! HAHA.   I have multiple set-ups saved for various cars at various tracks, Ive used up all of the slots.  I suppose I should go through and clean them up a bit. 

Okay, i understand. For the MP i haven't No Problem. I have all my Setups for the 21 Tracks.



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Have the engineer actually say different things, his voice recording has stayed the same for years now, seems all this money they make and they can’t even be bothered to change voice recordings lol.

also fix the random booting in online weekly event mode, I Hager booted and told I don’t have online permissions when I have Xbox ultimate and play oa line games all the time

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On 2/11/2020 at 11:30 AM, James said:

Back by popular demand. With the new season just around the corner and the 2020 cars being launched, there is no better time to start the 2020 Wishlist.

If there was a guest mode toggle to on/off they can set their own time to the friends leaderboard (they could enter their name manually).


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