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Setup advice - losing the car in high speed corners

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I keep losing the rear end horrendously in Bahrain T12 and Abu Dhabi T3 (prolonged high speed corners). My approx setup for both of these tracks looks something like this:

Aero: 3/6

Differential: 50/60

Camber/toe: -2.80, -1.30, 0.08, 0.29

Suspension: 1/4, 6/8, 1/4

Brakes: 100/50

Tyre pressure: All minimum


Through these corners it is very unpredictable and hard to control, even easing off the throttle. My question is, what would be the first things you would look at changing? Adding rear downforce? Increasing ride height? Rear toe? Increasing suspension stiffness? I have played around with different things but have never kind of got the balance right, especially on these tracks.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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