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Hungary (Budapest) Dry

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RedBull & Williams

Race Type
Time Trial & Career qualyfing

Front Wing Angle: 10
Rear Wing Angle: 9

Balance: F 51% - R 49%
Pressure: High
Brake Size: Standard

Front Anti-Roll Bar: 3
Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 9

Front Ride Height: 2
Rear Ride Height: 3
Front Spring Stiffness: 8
Rear Spring Stiffness: 7

Gear 1: 127 kph / xxx mph
Gear 2: 157 kph / xxx mph
Gear 3: 184 kph / xxx mph
Gear 4: 211 kph / xxx mph
Gear 5: 242 kph / xxx mph
Gear 6: 276 kph / xxx mph
Gear 7: 318 kph / xxx mph

Rich Mix
Fuel: 4 laps

Camber Front: -3.10
Camber Rear: -1.20
Toe Front: 0.08
Toe Rear: 0.32


In time trial with the RedBull's car: 1:13.898
In Career qualyfing with the William's car: 1:16.473

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Race Type

Front Wing Angle: 9
Rear Wing Angle: 11

Balance: F 52% & R 48%
Pressure: High
Brake Size: Standard

Front Anti-Roll Bar: 11
Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 11

Front Ride Height: 1
Rear Ride Height: 1
Front Spring Stiffness: 11
Rear Spring Stiffness: 11

Gear 1: 134 kph 83 MPH
Gear 2: 164 kph 102
Gear 3: 193 kph 120
Gear 4: 222 kph 138
Gear 5: 258 kph 160
Gear 6: 290 kph 180
Gear 7: 326 kph 203

Fuel Map: Mix 3
Fuel: 5

Camber Front: -3.50
Camber Rear: -1.50
Toe Front: 0.11
Toe Rear: 0.32


First post! Awesome forum.

All assistance OFF (no abs, traction, etc...) expert difficulty.

Although I installed the latest patch which claims to stop the 11/11 bug, I've kept the setups and seem to be relatively fine. Kills my tires but thats par.

This is probably my favorite track. I did a 1:14.120 but haven't been able to get below 1:14.4 in a long time.

This is a perfect setup!! You can feel the car grabbing in to track and get the most out of the aggressive track. My best time in McLaren/Time Trial so far is 1.13,725 - without of any of assists but automatic gears. Did you really got the time in qualifying?

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