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  1. It's really funny how the setups do not feel fast. I guess it's because of the stability built in. You put a clock on them they're very very fast 🤣
  2. The setup is so stable it feels slow. It's very fast.
  3. Finally a set up for Mexico. We at NRG Mercedes "Not Real Good" thank you.
  4. Dude nice setup. It worked great for my Ferrari my only change was I lowered the downforce. I ran the fastest lap I've ever run in 8 years on that track. Don't know what car you're basing your setups on, but keep tossing out those Ferrari setups🤣 Thanks man.
  5. Yeah, another fitting setup. Racing McLaren and thank you. Well done, Sir.
  6. My first laps on your setup. You've never done me wrong🙏😁
  7. My season 7 Haas loves this setup. Thanks, bro.
  8. When I saw this setup I thought maybe you were from Amsterdam. 😁It doesn't look right. If this guy can race it I better learn. I had to learn nothing it is an OMG great setup. I'm terribly undisciplined when it comes to ballast values more than seven and it felt like 6, but is very stable with great rotation. Instead of practicing I'm thinking of tracks I can run this on along with Abu Dhabi. Thanks a lot man!👍👍👍
  9. I went back to simulation tires because using the assist is correct that they feel like ice cubes. I just run a little bit higher downforce and pray a lot hahaha. If you have a setup that works great in sector 3 at Abu Dhabi. Why wouldn't it work here? It's about the same track except for a little greasier. You already know the setup. Go for it I think it'll work. Set ups for Singapore are like setups for Monaco. There's no such thing as a good one and the one you use isn't as bad as the rest😂
  10. I uusd it for my McLaren too. The downforce is 5 + 5 on my second year car. If you haven't raced a McLaren yet he really haven't raced Formula 1. It couldn't be slower until the turns.
  11. Every time I come up on this track my first thought is to skip it. I can't take the yak yak yak from my agent. Tried it a couple of times with the tire simulator off. You only slide more. Someone said above Stiffen your front suspension. I'm in a Mercedes that's 8th season. I hope to get a top-10. Racing 95 now as 105 is just stupid. Good luck to all. It would be great if that was the only problem. If this wasn't our only venue to race Formula One I would delete this game. So many good things about it, but at the same time... Here's to 2019!
  12. Mercedes Season 7 @102 AI Assists: Medium Traction and Brakes. Tires Simulation THIS IS Styx50 RED BULL SETUP. Changes: Suspension 7-5-6-5 Balance is 6. Very balanced and very forgiving. Set up for Rain/Dry. No adjustments needed! One of Werner's finest. All rain weekend the ballast is again 5.
  13. I'm actually shocked at how good the tires are. When I see front tow values at 11 or higher I'm thinking tire fire. A lot of our friends here are using the tire assist. Wish we all would list our assists when we post. Thank you very much for posting yours. I'm sick of using Bahrain setups at Germany hahaha. PS the setup is way more fun on a season 7 Ferrari.
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