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  1. Midfielders and Backmarkers - Enjoying the ride and really savouring the moment of top tier immersion.

    Going into Q now with my Sahara Force India. Started the career with Lotus but was recruited by SFI at the tenth race. Chose to drive with Legend AI and no assists what so ever, even pit cameras off - besides 4 flashbacks as my higher damage mod (I only use different visual mods to make for ex. cars look better or mods that corrects bugs, only exception is mods that essentially makes it harder for my career with for ex. higher damage to my car, more realistic damage and some other things like tyre realism). and my constant clash with the AI on the "rail" going along the map, usually results in even more FB's needed, for longer races especially.

    Now I'm going to Brazil to do the second last race for SFI! As I was lucky enough to be hired by Williams as 2nd driver for next season, My standing offer from McLaren then had to be declined, got that McLaren contract via "safe-carding" the thought was to do a trade up climbing teams till next season, even though the difference from SFI would be a small one, it's really fun to wait out the "Ferrari" - contracts, so to speak, as long as possible. Driving backmarkers and midfielders. It makes you feel really special when finally jumping into that Red Bull or Mercedes, after 2-4 seasons.

    When you as Lotus in the ten first races come in as 20, 18, 16 position you really feel that legend is too hard for you. But remember, those of you, that are like me. We who have problems with the AI in different ways, especially on legend. Driving legend makes you better at it, and makes you enjoying good results like 12 or 8 or even more, which I eventually got, even - with my Lotus. Think I got one podium after one of the races where the "peaceful" walls decided to crash their bricks into (the three best teams') unsuspecting cars, leaving me with more even competition.

    The thing to do to make it appealing with a midfield/back-marker team and not get bored or think that you suck, is to really just TRY to do better than your team mate. If you can compete against him, even if you are slightly losing. You are per definition on the verge of being a legend driver, as you both drive the same car. That the first driver would get the R&D parts first, even as they say so when you are promoted. Are complete bullocks. I can be wrong here ofc but I haven't noticed as a second driver that I have had to wait more than my team mate for the upgrades, mainly because I'm the ONLY one doing the R&D while my team mate hangs out in the paddock and plays Mario Kart. When driving at first, I didn't notice any differences either, no faster laps compared to how it used to be after an upgrade. If I'm wrong though, and you are 2nd driver, AND you beat you team mate while he has the advantage to have better parts on the car, then you really are ready for Legend Difficulty.

    I am a proud driver in between "two jobs" - Expert and Legend. Neither are fitting me like a glove but you are not alone to feel that legend can be a bit tough some times, though really fun and rewarding when you get a good result. My final thought I guess, is that choosing to drive at a level that is harder and higher, where you don't win every race with a midfield car, has the obvious effect, that people have understood since the "invention" of the progress of oneself and betterment through experience combined with fun as the ultimate motivator for learning. Lastly, this could of course be said about almost anything, sports or theory subjects. The mind is interesting and I'm feeling a bit quasi-scientific and psychedelic right now. Thanks for your time reading this, now I'm really tired and need to take nap, coffee or something, bye!

    Typisk krash F1.JPG

    1. saturn


      Image is from R-factor as stated in top right corner. Though the principal is the same. The AI as I tried to explain in my post have a tendency to follow the racing line, or "the rail" as it's more like how it works in reality. If you don't use the line and decides to take a corner a bit differently than the racing line suggest. The picture pretty much sums up what happens.

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