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  1. Mclaren Front wing 1 Rear wing 1 Diff on 100 Diff off 93 Front camber -3.00 Rear camber -1.50 Front toe.0.15 Rear toe 0.50 Front suspension 3 Rear suspension 3 Front roll bar 5 Rear roll bar 5 Tyres at 18.0 Ballast 4 I'm still working on this set up its only for championship mode had to put Diff up to 100 mclaren is so down on power, hope this helps mclaren fans would love to hear some feedback if possible thanks
  2. Thanks Dutch avenger with your set up n a couple of adjustments I managed a 1.40.472 Front wing 1 Rear wing 1 Different adjustment on 100% Different adjustment off 94% Front camber -3.00 Rear camber -1.90 Front toe 0.08 Rear toe 0.32 Front suspension 11 Rear suspension 1 Front anti roll bar 11 Rear anti roll bar 1 Front Tyre pressure 19.0 Rear tyre pressure 19.0 Ballast 11 Playing on x box one this is my first post ok it's with some help but I did change a couple of things, hope this helps as there isn't many for mclaren it's Mercedes or ferrari mainly hope you have fun plz give me feedback see what you think, thanks
  3. hi everyone can any 1 help me wiv a set up for a mclaren I know it's been crap for mclaren this year but I still love em. I'm on Spain by the way.thanks
  4. Hi guys n ladies I'm mark yes I'm new to this site I've followed f1 since 1989 I'm a single disabled dad to my son. Not t put a sad story on you all I was in an accident in 2001 was in hospital for 8 months I smashed my lower back t pieces it affects my legs aswell. I can't go out like most of you all do when I go on x box that's my going out if u c wat I mean. All I would like is a decent set up for my lotus on Monza I get t chicane and I spin off and my brakes r useless. Can any 1 help plz.
  5. Hi everyone please can someone help me I'm on monza 2010 I know few games behind you all. I just can't get a decent set up for my lotus plz help. I've just done a 1.23.1 is this any good????? Please help me I bow to all you superb racers.
  6. Hi guys forgive me for being a few games behind every one. I'm driving for lotus just done hockenheim on Saturday and won fastest lap was a 1.16 not sure if this is any good? I accidentally used a set up for silverstone I finished 35 seconds in front of webber. What's next track after hockenheim and what set up can any 1 show me I'm on 2010 game.stigs help p's I'm leading championship.
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