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  1. ​used this with a sauber (2015 mod so its a tier 2 car) and did 1:17:783 my best lap ever (i had never done a 1:19:000 or lower before :P)
  2. ​Nice setup for a backmarker team. i changed the aero to 3-4 (from 4-5) cause i like the car to oversteer a bit. first lap with a caterham : 1:32.045
  3. ​1:29.243 with a mclaren. awesome setup once again
  4. ​1:39:543 awesome setup (as always) thank you
  5. ​Amazing setup i did a 1:21.455 just 0.044 secs off pole position (Legend AI)
  6. ​Thanx. I always check to see if there are any setups of yours in every topic cause they always work
  7. ​used this setup with ferrari --> 1:39.441
  8. ​amazing setup thanx for that. even i didnt believe the lap times i did (1:23:554 in Q3 with options and 1:25:532 with primes in a race without drs racing as mercedes with abs on medium traction control and automatic gearbox)
  9. ​i know how they do 1:23 and 1:24. 1) master every track: they go with a certain speed over every turn and they know exactly where to brake and accelerate 2) if its online they have a car which is the same with a maxed (all R&D) mercedes. 3) they do lots of practice 4) they are really good drivers ;). my best lap is 1:26:7 with options on pc with a keyboard driving as red bull with the only assists being 3D racing line and automatic gearbox
  10. ​when u use full tcs (traction control system) its better running 1-1 aero because oversteer is no problem. also i would go with 200 mph/322 kph 7th gear.
  11. ​1) its not A1 its AI (Artificial Intelligence) 2) in light rain dont use options, use inters and in heavy rain use wets
  12. ​i would go for 200 or 202 mp/h 7th gear top speed cause i max out 200 meters before the braking point. anyway really helpful setup i went 1:48:0 in my first lap of Q2 and barely got knocked out (11th) on a williams. finally because of this im able to challenge for points in a wet race (Expert AI) ​
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