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  1. 1.17.886 with Williams (career) Qualifying.. Again a very good setup. Thanks.
  2. Excellent setup. Did a 1.31.421 with Williams on Qualifying. Hope it's as good in the race.
  3. I really don't get this track on 2017 game. I have lockups all over the place and sliding thru slow corners. I tried all the setups posted, best time I got is 1.38s. I have been quite good on this track previous years.. So really frustrated. Any tips?? I usually do quite well with James's setups..
  4. This is a Good setup for the race.. I used Derrick's set up but tweak the suspension a bit..
  5. Very good setup for my McLaren. Did a 1.32.509 in Q2 (career mode legend difficulty). 1.46.273 on Intermediate, in Q3. It put me on P3. Works in wet weather too. Nice one..
  6. Used James's setup only changing the wings to 3.. Worked nicely for me both in Q and the Race.
  7. Platform PS4 Team Ferrari Laptime 1.46.295 Game Mode Quallifying Aerodynamics Front Wing Angle: 4 Rear Wing Angle: 2 Transmission On Throttle: 75% Off Throttle: 75% Suspension Geometry Front Camber: -3.20 Rear Camber: -1.20 Front Toe: 0.13 Rear Toe: 0.41 Suspension Front Suspension: 8 Rear Suspension: 4 Front Anti-Roll Bar: 8 Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 9 Tyre Pressure Front Tyre Pressure: 18.0psi Real Tyre Pressure: 18.0psi Weight Distribution: Ballest: 6
  8. 1.38.780 in qualifying. 1.259 faster than the next car in legends mode. Great setup and good circuit this Sochi. My first run here. Liked it a lot.
  9. Platform PS4 Team Ferrari Laptime 1.36.644 Game Mode Qualifying Aerodynamics Front Wing Angle: 3 Rear Wing Angle: 1 Transmission On Throttle: 70% Off Throttle: 65% Suspension Geometry Front Camber: -3.40 Rear Camber: -1.90 Front Toe: 0.12 Rear Toe: 0.31 Suspension Front Suspension: 9 Rear Suspension: 9 Front Anti-Roll Bar: 5 Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 5 Tyre Pressure Front Tyre Pressure: 18.4psi Real Tyre Pressure: 18.4psi Weight Distribution: Ballest: 8
  10. 1.27.152 in qualifying w/Ferrari. Used Styx50's setup only increased the rear wing to 2.
  11. 1.22.023 in qualifying. Good setup.
  12. 1.13.513 with Styx50's setup in qualifying.
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