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  1. Hey does anyone know how the skill and safety Points are evaluated? I would like to know what to do and what to avoid doing for gaining points (other than the obvious things).
  2. finally I see you bringing back some of your setups. 

    they always helped me most in the past F1-Series. especially due to the red bull specifications.

    thx so far

  3. I have huge oversteering issues with this one. what component do I need to tweak on what direction to get it solved? and how much to feel an impact of the changes??? I need to have a coming out as someone who has pretty much NO IDEAS about what each thing does to the car.
  4. There are ,... one is Marcus Ericsson, another one is Felipe Nasr Since Nasr just left my Team I really need to find onther one. Does anyone know another driver ? asking google gave me this here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/415200/discussions/0/133260909494851050/?l=german cannot evalute wheather this is helpful or not yet ....
  5. I was also wondering about the parts wear down... But I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'm in Season 1 at 10th Race (T45/45/30-Q-Full-R50%) and I now will build in the 4th part of each. also 4th gear... Exepct of the first round I only invested into durability in F&E ... You cannot gather Points when you don't have a car wich is reliable. See McLaren in real life. So before I develope other parts I will try to get as much durability parts with my Sauber as possible in the first year.
  6. I used this setup in my Career Sauber in First Year. I was doing ok in Qualifying compared to the McLaren's speed. But during race I had a huge Tyre wear down on my fronts. What do I have to tweak with that setup to reduce the front wear down. Especially in Sector 2 with the corners I had a lot of understeering. What options do I have besides Front Wing adjustment? You guys have some hints, which I could use in season two?
  7. Hey there, today I stumbled over the setting for the car damage level: What is the difference between "complete" and "simulation" ? (Since I play it in German, don't get mad at me in case the translation is not correct. You probably know what options I'm talking about.) Thanx for your answers
  8. Sorry Mate, my fault !!! I take back what I said before!! It was my fault, because I tried to use the Setup you posted on a Sauber.... And it seems like the 2016er Setup is quicker on a Sauber than the 2017er Setup. I just tried your Setup on a Mercedes and I am immediately muuuuch qicker than with the 2016er Setup on Mercedes. Plus the handling of the car is with 2017er Setup much smoother than with 2016er. Sorry for bothering....
  9. @James Is this your recommendation of the 2017er Setup or just only a dummy (and about to be changed later) No offense, don't get me wrong... I ask because, with your Setup from 2016 I'm in Time Trial Mode preety much 1sec quicker in average than with this Setup here.... That's why I'm confused. What confused me also is: You used much more downforce compared to the 2016er Setup. But shouldn't the 2017er cars have much more mechanical grip, since they use wider tyres ? So I expected much lower wings for 2017 than for 2016.
  10. Amazon was so nice and just deliveredmy pre-ordered game today..... So by now I'll start playing. I'm so curious,... Think I gonna start time Trial first until there are some useful Setups in the seupts section ,..... So have fun all of you ! See you online
  11. @James Just out of curiousity... Can you tell a bit more about the actual process of how to find the best settings? Do you just try several times and then post whatever you think is best ? Or how do you do it ? Greetings Herr Heinerich
  12. Hey guys, I just pre-ordered the F1 2017 game for PS4. I ask myself: When it's gonna be delivered by Aug 25th, from what day will predefined Setups be available here? Because I have to admit without those setups I really suck in Setting up a car propperly :o) thanx for your answers
  13. Is that the PS Update 1.0.5 my system just downloaded? Or ist it a different version number?
  14. How do I find those? / How can i change those settings? Does the HUD Adjustment Option gives you the ability to move it away from overlaying the right mirror?
  15. well I notice exactly the same problem... I'm too strong in EXPERT difficulty, but too weak in LEGEND Difficulty. When it rains, it's actully ridicoulus. At EXPERT I finished Bahrain at 7th place... with a MANOR. In Rain in Russia I finished even 2nd.... In LEGEND I will never be able you be quick enough to only overtake one car... every race in this difficulty I finished at last place.... At Qulifying mostly around 2sec slower than WEHRLEIN. While in EXPERT mostly about 2sec fast than my Teammate.... This needs to be balanced.... really! I don't know weather starting with more fuel than nessecary is a goo workaround, because it also effects the tyre wear down and it's in the end not realistic... Does anyone know some good suggestions? Or Are the F1 2016 developers doing something about it?
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