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  1. Used this for my career with McLaren, only changed the front brake bias to 50% as I kept locking up innthe brake zone of corner 10. Great set up, 0.3 sec faster than Carlos in FP1 on Medium tyres. (Currently at 85% AI as I'm getting used to not driving with ABS, which was horrible with my standard T300rs padles in the previous games)
  2. Great set up! Did a 1:36.539 for a 2nd place in FP2 on US.
  3. You're welcome! TR is being a tough cocky for me as well. In 2017 I mainly raced with HAAS, but I didn't encounter many problems. Struggled a bit at Austria. But now in 2018 with TR, it's a total different game lol. I got one at China as well. Also based on James' Mercedes. But I'm not happy yet on that one.
  4. Team: Torro Rosso Lap Time: 1:38.890 Race Mode: FP1 Weather: Dry Controller Type: Wheel Fuel Load: 20 kg Aerodynamics Front Wing Aero: 4 Rear Wing Aero: 4 Transmission Differential Adjustment On Throttle: 90% Differential Adjustment Off throttle: 75% Suspension Geometry Front Camber: -3.00 Rear Camber: -1.50 Front Toe: 0.10 Rear Toe: 0.35 Suspension Font Suspension: 6 Rear Suspension: 6 Front Anti-Roll Bar: 6 Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 6 Front Ride Height: 6 Rear Ride Height: 6 Brakes Brake Pressure: 82% Front Brake Bias: 54% Tyres Tyres Front Tyre Pressure: 23.0psi Rear Tyre Pressure: 21.5psi Weight Distribution Ballast: 7 Few changes to James' Mercedes set up. still working on it. For comparison: Gasly did a 1:38.879 on the Soft tyre. He finished 10th, I finished 11th in FP1on the Medium Compound. Easy on the gas when comming out of corners 3, 6 and 14 in 2nd gear. Shortshift is recommended lol.
  5. I'd like to know the outcome of this setup!
  6. Try James' Mercedis setup and start tweaking from there. I've been struggling with the Torro Rosso on this circuit in FP1 career mode. I started with Johnny_Kasalla10's setup first, but without traction control it's undrivable with the TR (No offense just didn t work for me in the TR). Couldn't get any quicker than 1:36.high / 1:37.low Did a long stint on the medium Tyre and 20kg of fuel with James' setup afterwards, managed to do a 1:34.052 in the time I'd have left. FP1 result was 14th, 2.585 sec begin Kimi who was on top of the table(on softs) (Gasly managed a 1:33.002 on the softs for comparison) So with some tweaking and maybe adjusti by my driving style a bit, i should be able to be a little faster. Edit: 1:31.967 in FP2 during qualifying pace session. Which was exceeding the target. In the end I only changed James front wing to 2 after some tweaking. Good luck!
  7. Awesome setup, just moved over to Force India from Renault. Hungary ring as the first race, managed to do an 1.23.865 in Q2 (Vettel at pole with a 1.22.685) S1 28.560 S2 31.330 S3 23.973 Super Soft tyre Definitely some room for improvement, but it got me in Q3. P6 in Q3 with a 1.23.348 (forgot the sector times but S1 was exactly the same as in Q2, improved on S2 and S3) Rosberg at pole with 1.22.717
  8. Thanks for adjusting! Finally somebody else trying things with a McLaren! :D
  9. Team McLaren Laptime 1:42.231 Game Mode Q1 Aerodynamics Front Wing Angle: 1 Rear Wing Angle: 1 Transmission On Throttle: 80% Off Throttle: 60% Suspension Geometry Front Camber: -3.60 Rear Camber: -2.00 Front Toe: 0.15 Rear Toe: 0.50 Suspension Front Suspension: 11 Rear Suspension: 1 Front Anti-Roll Bar: 11 Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 1 Tyre Pressure Front Tyre Pressure: 19.0psi Real Tyre Pressure: 19.0psi Weight Distribution: Ballest: 11 Fuel Fuel Load: 10KG Played with ps4 controller, a few mistakes. Car feels good and steady on the track. Should be able to go faster. Used the option tyres. Also managed to do a 1:39.845 with a Mercedes in time trial. Using the thrustmaster T300 RS, Lap wasn't perfect, so should be able to do a quicker lap.
  10. Team McLaren Laptime 1:43.098 S1: 28.567 S2: 31.567 S3: 43.501 Game Mode Q1 career Aerodynamics Front Wing Angle: 3 Rear Wing Angle: 1 Transmission On Throttle: 85% Off Throttle: 70% Suspension Geometry Front Camber: -2.70 Rear Camber: -1.00 Front Toe: 0.13 Rear Toe: 0.44 Suspension Front Suspension: 2 Rear Suspension: 1 Front Anti-Roll Bar: 8 Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 5 Tyre Pressure Front Tyre Pressure: 18.0psi Real Tyre Pressure: 18.0psi Weight Distribution: Ballest: 6 Fuel Fuel Load: 10KG Played with thrustmaster T300. Used the option tyres. Room for improvement.
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