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  1. Hi I'm just wondering if there's a big difference between using a pad and a wheel when it comes to racing I'm more intrigued to know if there are any car setup settings I need or could change when it comes to tuning my car I'm currently using a ps4 pad for now until I've saved myself enough to buy a wheel. Thanks for reading
  2. is there any decent setups for McLaren 100% distance career mode please
  3. ok will give it a go thanks for the reply James.
  4. are there any career mode friendly setups thanks in advance
  5. i had this problem aswell im using a pad on ps4 but what i did was go to pause menu/preferences/customise controls/advanced wheel settings/throttle saturation/press your throttle should come up at the bottom out of 100 what is being pressed had to turn mine up to (15) on throttle saturation to get it upto 100%.......hope this helps let me know
  6. as anyone cracked the tyre wear programme in career mode at china im currently only on hard settings and its solid i've tried different tyre compounds and car settings i'm on ps4 with the pad also thanks in advance
  7. it is possible to override the auto transmission all depends on what platform and controller settings you have mine is a ps4 so x to gear up an square to gear down on controller
  8. thats what ive gone with in the end i also not very good on looking after my tyres haha ...thanks for the quick reply much appreciated
  9. whats everyones prefered tyre allocation for australia please ?????
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