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  1. This one is absolute gold. 1:37.523 on Ferrari using Xbox One controller. On Expert this one leaves the competition dead on their tracks, in Legend it's just on pace, but I blame it on the controller... And the tyre wear is just brilliant, even for Sochi a track not so hard on the slicks. I squeezed 1:36.802 on time trial but I kinda cut on corner 17 (no invalidation tough) Still, really good, certainly better than your Ferrari setup for this track.
  2. Thanks man, I was lapping very slowly in my first season, but this tweaks pushed me up to 1:11.698 on controller while also keeping the tyres fresh. Cheers
  3. Sure everyone has seen how on a crucial moment, some poor dummy gets a random engine failure and their race is over or at least they fall from pace by a lot. I won the championship on the last race thanks to Hamilton's car dying randomly on the second lap of Yas Marina. My question is, can it happen to you? So far I'm in the end of the second season and I've never met with either problems that make me go slow nor critical engine failure. I have no flashbacks and play on Master, is it because of that? it feels kinda unfair that everyone seem to have this failures on the worst time possible while you're immune.
  4. Haven't met that, but I've met a bug where my delta while on safety car is uber-high even if barely moving, then someone passes flying next to me (already under yellow flag) but the overtake is not considered illegal, while if I pass them under the same circumstances, I get an automatic illegal overtake and have to surrender the position. Something similar happened on the last lap of Hungaroring, Hulkenberg crashed and under the yellow flag I was passed by Rosberg but my immediate overtake was considered illegal, thus I lost the race since I had to give away the hard earned first place.
  5. Great setup on the dry, but this one is really at its finest on heavy rain conditions... I posted a 1:53.108 during race on heavy rain conditions and ended up with a commanding lead of 28 seconds against Master AIs. Even a bad lap is right on pace with the leaders, although I reduced the tyre pressure by one level on the front tyres and break bias to 57% to mitigate the increased wear expected of Sepang. Cheers man.
  6. I really liked the feel in this setup and managed a 1:23.032 on a Ferrari, but tyre wear can be an issue. I had luck to get two safety cars so I was able to fit S/SS/S sets in a 50% race, but otherwise I would have struggled even with the mediums, although arguably its because I'm too aggressive on the corners.
  7. Great Setup. I just posted a 1:47.229 on a Ferrari, with controller in career mode. Decent on the tyres too, although a bit wobbly on rain. Cheers.
  8. Holy cow man, I just managed 1:21.846 with a vanilla Ferrari with improvements still to do in S2. super steady although it can be a bit rough on the tyre wear. I barely survived the race.
  9. Solid setup, although I increased the brake pressure to 85 otherwise I was running out of the track in corners 1,6 and 8
  10. Like all my setups this was made for career, it will get you to Q3 but is focused on taking you safely to the finish line in a 100% race rather than smoke out your rivals. Also, note that the ride height is quite low for Yas Marina, if you touch the kerbs you'll hit them hard and lose a ton of time, so don't turn into corner 5, 8 and 9 until the last moment. Team Renault Lap Time 1:42.547 Race Mode Career Weather Dry Format Xbox One Controller Type Controller Aerodynamics Front Wing Aero: 6 Rear Wing Aero: 7 Transmission Differential Adjustment On Throttle: 80% Differential Adjustment Off throttle: 75% Suspension Geometry Front Camber: -3.40 Rear Camber: -1.90 Front Toe: 0.14 Rear Toe: 0.29 Suspension Font Suspension: 3 Rear Suspension: 6 Front Anti-Roll Bar: 5 Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 7 Front Ride Height: 4 Rear Ride Height: 4 Brakes Brake Pressure: 82% Front Brake Bias: 58% Tyres Front Tyre Pressure: 22.6psi Rear Tyre Pressure: 21.1psi Weight Distribution Ballast: 9
  11. You got that time on the controller? Damn you're fast. I got a 1:41.849 on the Renault on career thanks to your setup, although I was feeling some lacking in S2 so I made a bit of changes on the Aero by turning both by one level, lowered the height to 4 and raised tyre pressure to the immediate next setting... In any case, during the race it was very soft on the tyres so it was really helpful. Thanks.
  12. Kudos man. This worked wonderfully for me in quali... I managed a 1:36.724 on the Renault which is I believe the fastest I've managed since I've been playing this games series... But during the race we had very light rain, not enough to put on Inters as DRS was still active but enough to lose a lot of grip in S1. I just couldn't hold up Kimi for the last lap while skidding a good part of it, but before that I managed to get a 17+ seconds advantage, so really great man.
  13. So I finally made it to Marina Bay; the track that I dread the most in the entire calendar and I got offered the option to cease r&d... How does that work? In 2013 you had the choice to cease the program and get some bonus for the next year which was worthy on the risky track but not so much on the conservative track... Do you get to keep your points to get an early headstart for season 2 or a bonus? Which one do you think it's more valuable? I'm currently in the Renault and finally managed to catch with Red Bull which is not entirely crazy but definitely too easy imo running the career on Expert. I really want to catch the Ferraris to get a chance in S2 but I don't know if at the current pace I'm getting points it will be plausible.
  14. The gap between Legend and Expert I think it really is solved simply by getting better. It's simply a matter of trying again and again. I was having struggles when jumping to expert and I now demolish even the Mercedes with my now beloved Renault so I may jump to Legend for the next season of career... I believe that the difficulty in the programmes is more than reasonable, and maybe only the tyre test may require some tweaking but overall they ain't broken. What I desperately need is a patch for the texture loading for Xbox One, I don't get how F1 2015's faces and the textures of the pits and clothing looked great but in 2016 we end up with slowly processed textures and horrible faces for Kyvat and Perez. There are also some points easier to notice in long straights like in Monza or Baku where you can notice the obvious decay of framerates.
  15. No, the session summary simply shows if you completed an objective, once awarded you can't claim that xp again
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