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  1. Great setup i always use yours but change my braking power by 5% more, this suit better by my driving.
  2. i'm looking for a set up for a HAAS F1. who could help me.
  3. I love your set-ups, i can push and still keep my tires great. Please keep them coming
  4. i'm looking for a setup for Toro Rosso for the ps4 who could provide me one.
  5. does anyone got a good setup for a Toro Rosso on PS4 with controller?
  6. Does somebody got a nice setup for Scudaria Toro Rosso? thx in advance.
  7. i changed the front brake bias to 64% work slightly better for me.
  8. Does anyone got a set up for Renault on the ps4?
  9. And again a great set up by Styx50: Great speed and Tyre management.
  10. Great setup i managed to finish first with only p2 in the leading lap.
  11. can somebody help with a Setup for Scuderia Toro Roso
  12. Well thanks for the advice i'm gonna try your setup for my race in Russia.
  13. could someone provide me with a setup for a Haas F1? For the PS4
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