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  1. Hey hows it going glad to see you here. I'm checking out the race set-ups for PS4 formula one. I have raced on 2010 2012 2017. Hope to get the set-ups right. 

    1. Stephen Goronsky

      Stephen Goronsky

      How are you i am just learning with the Mclaren car its my fav i am searching for a realy good set up





    2. Russ


      Hello everyone, I havn't had a chance to come by lately but will try my best to get posting. I purchased the 2018 Formula One and love the game. Anyone want to do some racing leave me a message. Take Care

    3. Gary McCulloch

      Gary McCulloch

      I do Ido I do.._..@?????How

      I do Ido I do.._..@?????Howlove projecct cars2  or 1._so mny different ways._.Ive done endless hrs of set up after set up after set up ._send invite and well help eachother

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