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  1. i would say change a bit the setup - higher wings, lower on throthle, less brake pression and tire pression... To improve lap times - PRACTICE! ;-)
  2. i could manage this, finally. everything is working out properly now. thank you all for your comments!
  3. Do you remember the function in the game to do it? thanks for your comment, buddy!
  4. I play PS4 console with Home Teather, but i can barely hear the engineer voice for some reason. his voice is far away. i tried to change some sound configurations, but nothing worked. any ideas?
  5. How can I manage online setups with same performance of the cars (since I dont have enough time to test them all)? Which setup can I use for best performance (TT for a specific constructor, carreer...)?
  6. Hi! When playing online with equal performance, which car all the participants will perform like? they will all perform like mercedes, mclaren or any other intermediate constructor?
  7. Hi all! i am starting an online championship and assists are not restricted. i play with no assist at all, so i would like to know if i am going to lose performance compared to the other cars (if they use assists). heard that those who use assists will have a slower car - does it make sense. also, this championship involves different cars as per your previous performances - so, for instance, if i am first in the pilot's table, i will drive for sauber the next race. so, if i practice with (for example) ferrari all the circuits, how can i manage ferrari's set up (the one i am used to race with) with another car? thank you for your comments
  8. doesnt make difference for me, not really, although it may be harder for us to schedule, since i am from South America. My PS ID is the same as here (mezes_usp) please add me. it seems we are about the same level, so its expected to be a nice 2017 season for us. lets at least give a shot
  9. i am interested, but usually i have a messed schedule - thats why i struggle to join leagues - but i would give a shot if you will. usually i play 75-80 as difficulty level or something about 2500-3000 worldwide position in time trial (no assists at all).
  10. Thanks. Actually, it is not only the overtaking that is harder (and your point makes totally sense about the game and the reality) but even in qualifying mode i am struggling to get good results. I need to practice a little bit more, but i really appreciate your answer! tvm!
  11. Hi, all! Last F1 I purchased was 2013 (Classic Edition). I always played AI Legend (highest level) and could get good results when racing in a good team (Ferrari) - top 4 - even if I started in the very back in the grid to overtake as much as I could. Now in 2017 game I started to race with AI 75 but I am struggling to get good results. Wondering if 1) the games has gotten harder and harder and I couldn't follow them (since my last one was 2013 game) OR 2) I need to adapt my driving OR 3) any other reason I can't come up with Please any comment?
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