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  1. What do you want to adjust? Just try to drive with default setup and post your problems here. Only thing I have changed is the force feedback level to 100% and the turning to 240 degrees so it reflects a f1 wheel.
  2. I have fully upgraded the engine power and I am still using the same setup. Takes advantage of your faster speed, I sometime gain 500ms or mkre on a straight. Have you tried using a previous setup?
  3. It depends on the corner really, need to get a feel and experience for that. Just try out, dont be too aggresive but search the limit. I am still searching the ultimate limits but I get faster every week I play. Also if you are able to drive your rounds with the default setups just try a few out from the car setup topics. Mostly I use the setups of James, they do the trick. Setup can gain you alot of time during a lap, you will feel that the car is more stable and that you can push the limits.
  4. I think you are going to fast on your throttle, when you exit a corner wait for your car to stabilize and then full throttle. Build your throttle up as you exit a corner. Using the wrong car setup causes you to spin off aswell, are you able to drive with the default setup? When I turned off the traction control I didn't need alot time to get used to it, it isnt that hard in my experience.
  5. Zackito

    Quick Tips

    Yes and no, I lose alot of speed doing that. Also when you do it at the wrong time you will spin off the track. I play without assists.
  6. Zackito

    Quick Tips

    I get a good start using half throttle, then when rolling I give full throttle. Revving the engine to the max, untill the car is stable and rev up to 2nd gear. Might not be the best way.
  7. It makes sense yes, but it is a game. I mean, you don't get any extra resource points from your teammate, none. You have to develope the car yourself, and your teammate gains advantages of that. So it would make sense carrying over the resource points.
  8. When you switch to another team at the end of the season, do you keep your resource points or do you lose them all?
  9. Zackito

    Quick Tips

    Keep in mind that skill is more important as knowing the track
  10. I never had one of those bugs, but I have become first two times because the AI doesn't switch their tyres when behind the safety car. They waited till the safety car was gone and the lap after they pitted in to change tyres, logic? Becoming first with a HAAS this way is not very satisfying 😂
  11. Strange, how is your engine wear? what happens when you use the default setup? Are you sure that you are driving full throttle? Maybe there is something wrong with your settings.
  12. Nice! Now I can enjoy career mode again.
  13. Thanks Bert, I was already suspecting that as being the issue. Yesterday I downloaded update 1.4 and it seems to be better but I can't confirm yet, there is nothing about it in the changelogs.
  14. I will try that, problem is that some parts have a wear of 90% or higher. I don't think it is supposed to be like this, I hope they will patch this.
  15. The engine wear is a joke in this game, my gearbox had 50% wear and it already started to fail(missing a gear etc). Engine is total shit when the wear rate is above 60%. I can't even complete a tyre wear lap within the time delta.
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