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  1. There are different reasons for grid penalties if you put a new engine in before the required 5 races then you will revive a penalty or any accidents, crashes they will give you a penalty that you might not realize till seeing the racing grid.
  2. Yea that's a good point but Fifa wouldn't be as much fun if the players weren't able to switch teams, but it's always interesting to see how a team improves when a better player comes to the club so in the F1 if max or kimi changed to lower teams the team would improve with those drivers making it more of a challenge and make the game more interesting with drivers moving around rather then staying at the same team for every single season.
  3. It is like in the 2016 game only way to choose who you want to drive with is at the beginning when you pick your teammate. I was hoping they changed it around, but no matter if you choose 1st driver the teams 2nd driver gets replaced with who ever was the first. I got my offer from Ferrari 1st driver Vettel is no my teammate. It would have been nice if the drivers moved around to different team made it a little interesting too.
  4. I've had that problem with the VSC when my delta was to high I got told to slow down and had Riccado pass me and I wasn't able to get the position back it happened a few times.
  5. Slevin


    Yea I was the first driver for a while, but I noticed a from watching other videos other ppl got contracts by silverstone. I stayed with Haas for the year reputation lvl was full got offers from Redbull 2nd driver Mercedes 2nd driver and Ferrari 1st driver took the whole year tho.
  6. all the walk though videos I've watched Toro Rosso, Haas, Renualt, all have had a hard time beating time mates with same or harder difficulty
  7. Slevin


    Im on my last two races now I've been expected to come in 10th at the start now 8th and I've been coming in first pass all expectations finished USA and it was a 1,2 finish for Haas
  8. Slevin


    50% I would change my difficulty if I got an offer by a better team then Haas
  9. Slevin


    This is really starting to bug me world champ 3 races left reputation level is full 6 teams and not 1 contract offer !
  10. Slevin


    I'd bet your a much better driver if u can do that Ferrari was looking good for a contract but when I retired at Baku it went down so much. Did you take the offer from redbull ??
  11. I increase my downforce when it is raining not going to help for speed, but helps controlling the car
  12. Slevin


    So I started my career with Haas difficulty is on 50% able to come in 1st 9 for 9 races not in a row 2nd twice and 3rd once had to retire Baku reputation levels are high from two teams but no offer. Been watching aarava season he got an offer First 10 races just wondering if anyone received a contract offer yet ?
  13. I changed my ride height so many times to try and see if that was a problem along with my rear wing but nothing helped. Next race spa was no problem a lot more turns in that one
  14. Racing with Haas first season one or two tracks had a problem on turns but the Hungarian race was the worst turns 5,9,14 the car would spin out almost everytime
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