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  1. If you shift to 2nd quicker the car will be stable sooner.
  2. You must change between weekends. In the loading screen for next weekend you can hit start/options to go to a menu to select tyres and change difficulty. After the weekend has started you cannot change difficulty.
  3. Furthermore, set your car to rich fuel mix, move diff setting (for start only!) up as high as you're comfortable with (90+). It depends on how short you're shifting. Generally it won't have a massive effect, but I still suggest that during qualy or certain race situations you let it rev as high as you can.
  4. Then your controller is probably broken. Check the right trigger (RT), it's probably a little loose. I had this a couple of years ago and it didn't register full throttle anymore. I wish I could say it's fixable, but I actually had to buy a new Dualshock.
  5. Yes, it's a known bug. Sometimes the safety car doesn't pick up the leader and the field can't catch up in time. I had a 100% race yesterday in Spa where half the field was DQ'd.
  6. Are you using a pad or wheel? I had an issue with PS4 dualshock a few years ago that the RT was broken, as a result it didn't register full throttle anymore.
  7. If you're with Sauber, I'd invest my points in actually upgrading the car. Don't even look at durability for the first two seasons or so, just take grid penalties (which won't hurt you because you should be starting near the back of the field anyway).
  8. If it's engine upgrades failing, that's actually the most realistic thing I've seen I've only just had my first upgrade failure at the British GP. I''ve upgraded the chassis twice, front and rear wing once and several durability upgrades.
  9. Yes, during the loading screen in between weekends (after selecting 'go to next weekend') press OPTIONS button to select tyre allocation. You can also change difficulty here if needed. Really inconvenient, took me a while to figure out as well.
  10. I tried the TS-PC in Baku two months ago and absolutely loved the feel of that thing. I use a T300 myself.
  11. Set the brake bias more towards the rear. Use trail braking.
  12. Diff setting - down 5 to 10% (will be more forgiving when putting power down) Brake bias towards the rear to avoid lockups (though I have BB mapped on my steering wheel so I change it all the time from corner to corner anyway) If I make a pitstop I might increase the front wing by +1. Use lean mix through slow, twisty sections (also mapped on my wheel).
  13. Andy2102


    I think that if you're perfomance is 'purple' you'll get contract offers from the two teams with highest reputation level after Silverstone. Are you first driver yet?
  14. Basic setup with only FFB increased to about 110-115. Also, remap the buttons. The default settings are horrible.
  15. Do you use controller on PS4 by any chance?
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