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  1. Thanks for the setup. Just lowered the ballast & differential a little for my driving style!
  2. Great setup Mate. Changed the ballast to 6 for more stability.
  3. It's a good setup but the car was quite twitchy over the kerbs, especially in sector 3. The car used o get nervous riding over the kerbs. Otherwise, rest was good.
  4. Great setup. Very kind on soft tyres. Changed the ballast to 6 for further stability.
  5. Great setup. Very stable through sector 2!
  6. Good setup. I just lowered the ballast to 5 as was having a lot of oversteer in the 1st sector turns.
  7. Great setup. Just having a little issue through the esses. Reduced the differential.
  8. I second Mungui92 for this. What I look for is a feedback i the setup is good or bad. I tried Siukuen's setup based on the positive feedback & I loved it as well. Thanks a ton to both of You!
  9. A very good setup. Felt comfy throughout the lap. Thanks.
  10. Great setup. Just changed the ballast to 6 & it made the stadium section much easier!
  11. Thanks Gunther. A close to perfect setup. No oversteer & smooth handling over the kerbs. Thanks a ton!
  12. Like this setup. The car was turning well into the corners but was quite unstable through Turn 12. I changed the ballast to 6 but then saw was slower on the main straight. I changed the ballast to 7 but still wasn't as fast as with the setup with ballast 8.
  13. I've faced the same dilemma. I reduced my differential to 50-60 & slightly lifting off the throttle. This was my only part where I kept scratching my head on. I never faced such an issue with Spa in F1 2017! Check out this vi which I uploaded today. You'll completely feel what I feel!
  14. With due respect to James, hoping for a few more setups as the current event in Spa is challenging enough.
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