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  1. Very close. Very good i the wet as well. Went from 18th to 2:nd behind teammate in the wet. 103 AI difficulty and 50% race distance. 2 different, but fast setups.
  2. very good setup! Did a comparison in Quali Pace pogram against EnvoyExtreme:s setup as i like that too. Got a 1:11.322 with your setup and a 1:11.323 with Envoys in my first try. Envoys being 2 tenths faster in sector one as you have more confidence in the first corner with his. Yours being about a tenth faster in S2 and S3 On my second run, 1:11.086 with Envoy and a 1:11.034 with yours being more aggressive in turn 1, being about half a tenth behind in S1. Epic guys
  3. Very fast setup! Car felt edgy sometimes but i like that (Y)
  4. This Setup was nice for my Sauber! Works great in heavy rain too.
  5. Nice Setup. But had to increase Weight Distrubution Ballast to 5.
  6. Great Setup. Qualified 12th. Finished 4th, 17 seconds behind the leader.
  7. A hard track for me but good setup what so ever. Managed a 1:36.496 but got outqualified by my teammate by 3 tenths. Started 8th (13th without penalties) and finished 7th. Could have finished 6th (3 positions behind Leclerc) but DRS got stuck open so had to pit earlier to fix it...
  8. Nice Setup. Had to change brake bias to the front wheels slightly but other than that good. Qualified 9th with a time in Q3 of 1:08.717. This is a pretty weak track for me but i outqualified Leclerc and was 1.032 sec from pole so not to bad.
  9. Good Setup mate. Especially in the tricky parts. As i had grid penalties because of parts and went out in Q1 in heavy rain because of last place start stamped, theres no time :'D But my Qually program said 9th. Started 18th and finished 9th with a best time, in the race, of a 1:18.146 with 3 laps remaining.
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