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  1. Linearity I use for smooth driving F1 17 I used like 70% but F1 18 a little less.
  2. Tmx racing wheel is awesome for F1. All buttons are in easy to get to during racing but can't get it right for Forza 4.
  3. Online multiplayer is just so frustrating to race with serious lag conditions. Cars not ghosting when facing the wrong way on track all stuck in middle of the road. I'm seriously disappointed in this year game. How is it when another car makes contact with you and u crash and hit someone else. That's your fault. If codemasters don't fix this game then im done with this franchise for ever.
  4. Hi I'm finding I'm still being put with drivers with a much lower rating than myself, I really don't think it works too well. Good idea thou.
  5. I would like to join F1 racing league on Xbox one. Any games going??
  6. Hi I would like a seat in F1 18 racing league. For Xbox one. Gamer tag MartinPadge.
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