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  1. Nells

    Tyre wear

    Anyone else struggling with trye wear this year? What set up changes sould i make to help this?
  2. Nells


    Cheers, just found it
  3. Nells


    Can you change AI level once its been set at the start of a my team career?
  4. Nells

    Set ups

    How are people changing their set ups when they get into the 2nd season and beyond??
  5. Great setup for me, glad i can use your set ups again this year. Much appreciated
  6. Nells

    Race starts

    Cheers, I'll give it a go
  7. Nells

    Race starts

    Any tips for race starts would be appreciated. Off the line the other cars seem to always start much better.
  8. Does anyone have any tips for race starts on career mode? All the other cars always seem to go flying past me off the line
  9. If you swap teams your points reset
  10. If you are playing on PS4, you press the options button as the track is loading up and you can change the settings then.
  11. Really good setup for my sauber, struggled with getting lap times down until I gave this a whirl.
  12. Even if you change teams??
  13. Do your development points carry over to the next season??
  14. It still won't let me change the AI difficultly after a race.... Any ideas??
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