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  1. Man, not cool thing to say and out of line, lack of respect for one of our most seasoned and accomplished setup contributors. Won't ask you if you're drunk - just ignorant with a big mouth is all. Nice reply when asked what particular setup components or sector you experienced problems. Was not valid or constructive input - just big mouth. Keep up good work, @Robomags I found it quite stable!!! Especially like the follow up Season 2 ect > very very valuable. Think his ignorant and disrespectful comment/question was to Robomags, not styx50. What an asshat this guy is!!!
  2. Welcome Back! Thanks for contributions > GLAD YOU GOT A NEW CONSOLE
  3. @Dodger1 Hey buddy. Is this, literally a different setup for P2 (same season, same MyTeam) Or, just as it says - for Season 1 Career Mode - Mcleran? Sorry to be a pain - but, for continuity sakes, I like to TRY to stick to same/similar setups so I am not constantly adapting my driving style instead of improving laptimes
  4. On behalf of community and personally want to welcome and thank you for contributing for yet another season. For those of you whom are new... Styx is in a handful sized group of our lifetime achievement HOF (if there were such a thing LoL) Absolutely, there are others with equal or better, here and there, but it's highly contingent on personal driving style and level of performance. So, not taking anything away from our other elite setup engineers.
  5. No, you're dead on and in my boat. Often not discussed, unless you watch or read very comprehensive users who discolse > often these top 1-10% time setter's setups [ESPECIALLY FOR TIME TRIALS] are on the edge of max performance, with on the edge of stability... Those guys may run hundreds of laps for that one perfect lap- @James in an elite sim and legit real racer, whom we a fortunate to have running and contributing to everyone... So, no offense to our heavy hitter, elite fast guys! HARDLY WHAT US SLOWER GUYS NEED/WANT, if we've bothered to consider.it's greatly needed for the community- SETUPS FOR THOSE OF US WHO STRUGGLE TO ACHIEVE our TOP SKILL LEVEL CONTRIBUTORS' LAP TIMES, TIRE AND FUEL SAVINGS, ECT. For us, the RIGHT SETUP FOR OUR SKILL LEVEL (which is frustrating and difficult to admit, may well be in lower 40% - I'll admit, regretfully > after hundreds and hundreds of time spent playing - I'll struggle to get within 4-6 seconds of top times.) ☆ I'd LOVE to see a feature, somewhere, of SETUPS THAT WILL BEST ACCLIMATE US TO TURNING OFF TRACTION CONTROL AND ABS!!! I'VE BEEN GUILTY OF REPEATEDLY "PRACTICING IMPERFECTLY" - Using setups from much higher skill levels (running AI at 80%- greater than 100% - WITH NO ASSISTS) Sorry getting long - but one thing I do fast is type LoL. But wish I had a group of similar level players. I play 100% alone, only playing weekly event multiplayer. So, I'm not advancing my knowledge or race craft, at all - even though I play all the time, Im naive to even race and fuel Strategies. I/we all need mentors and equal peers to play with. ESPECIALLY BEING IM ON A XBOX CONTROLLER. Think I saw you're on playstation console - hopefully they may open up cross platform play and we could hook up and play together.
  6. Well, I see you've been quite busy and generous with your time and energy for the community! We'll take it - Thanks for your efforts. Maybe 2020's community is allergic to the EA CURSE - Seems like their is either somewhere else the lot of our past community favorites have gone or they've just, gone LoL. Fingers crossed they reappear once they've perfected their setups with different handling of 2021
  7. THANKS for time and effort. Hope fellow community members follow your lead with including additional Seasons, with R&D Levels (ABSOLUTELY vital info, if we're using for My Team) Maybe you'll have the time to keep your progress and setup changes for future race setups! Surely many of our regulars are getting their setups right before sharing... Prefer we wait few weeks to have tried and tested setups to use for My Team, rather than hurried, less than great setups! But, appreciate your, hopefully setting precedence with R&D details and seasonal changes being shared with community. So many of us are huge race fans and gamers - but if left to learn and perfect race engineer aspects, up to us to figure out setups - many of us would would likely still play, but competition and quality of online competitiveness would suffer greatly. That goes for this entire site and evey one of our community contributors! ☆☆☆EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS TO @JAMES for building and holding the fort down If only we had more wet and wet/dry mixed weather race setups LoL.
  8. Thanks for contributions... Think Front Toe has a typo. Just an FYI
  9. Thanks Buddy! Just as Brake Point Pulled into Italy - Bam, right in time. Not sure how suited this setup is for Story Mode, but I'll be using on MyTeam, too.
  10. Glad to see you back contributing, again, for another year's release. Really use your setups quite often.


    1. Muneeb


      Cheers mate! Feels good to be back, I'm still working through the tracks so bare with me as I get to them

  11. And as if on cue... @Doger1 - there's one of a small handful of Setup Engineers I use on very regular basis. Thanks, Doger1 for past season's time and efforts - and hopefully even more this year [Excited to see you noting 'Season One', now, as only one member i can think of has done in past... Very useful to know. again, Thanks for all your input!
  12. Welcome back to all the tried and true setup masters I've lurked and used exclusively over past few F1 releases. I'm sure we'll see our favorites return and meet some new talent as well. THE COMMUNITY'S SETUP INPUT AND FEEDBACK IS, TO MANY - LIKE MYSELF- AS IMPORTANT AS CODEMASTER'S WORK IN RELEASING A SOLID PRODUCT. YOU, WITH THE RACING EXPERIENCE WITH MECHANICAL SETUP KNACK ARE IRREPLACEABLE! Posting a TT Setup is great - but a setup that is FUNCTIONAL OR SUPERIOR on RACEDAY - with TireWear, heat, ect is where This Community can level the playing field for those of us, without, wouldn't stand a chance! Here, in US, we've not been exposed to F1 and other Real Racing (NASCAR AND DRIVING IN CIRCLES IS THE WWF/WWE OF RACING - WHERE F1 IS THE UFC!)
  13. The data reports and info you added at bottom... Can you (or anyone) tell me if this data is from a telemetry app or PC Software that works with console? ** I have an Xbox, anyone point me to various telemetry and/or setup app, based on telemetry? *** Would also LOVE companion app/software that works with Xbox, to record Lap times per setup, Personal Bests, general data reports and records of lap times for feedback and personal improvement! Obviously, prefer the free variety, but will pay if solid and has excellent data collection ad well as automated/assisted setup (maybe AI Intelligence that recognizes Upgrades, can simulate and automatically suggest best upgrade paths, ect??? THANKS a lot to anyone who can help me.
  14. @Vorrion Thanks for taking the time to post your settings across multiple seasons, noting your upgrades for each setup. Haven't been too many others doing this, obvious to us, little detail.
  15. First, sorry for MY delay in response you took time and made effort to reply and assist me! [TRY to never be a Man of Excuses- simply an explanation, rather... our topic notification went to email junk mail, which has been corrected!) No, no, you were dead on in assumption I was talking 2019. Um, yes, may be some variation between console platform file saving - so will keep my guard up and stay frosty. While I've you on the line and topic, if you will, could I trouble you for insight (foresight for my F1 2019 career moves)? Wandering how R&D upgrades should be handled (started Toro Rosso)... I ultimately plan on jumping ship to either Ferrari or Mercedes (yeah, big risk taker, huh LoL)... Will I be shooting self in foot if I stay at Toro Rosso for season, applying max R&D points possible and upgrades -only strengthening my current team, whom will almost certainly be strong rival when I jump ship very shortly? I mean, know that's not a simple one to answer without your needing to write book length reply LoL... Should I just leave the pot of R&D points and allow Torro Rosso to apply once CPU controlled?
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