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  1. Yes, worked it out in the end. It happens when the car bottoms out at high speed. These corners put a lot of forces through the car and the track is not flat. The thing to do is to increase the ride height until you can get through the problem corners without issue. So for example, I just ran a ride height of 3-6 at Bahrain to deal with this issue, whereas I run 2-4 or 2-5 at Vietnam. I also like to increase the suspension stiffness slightly.
  2. I keep losing the rear end horrendously in Bahrain T12 and Abu Dhabi T3 (prolonged high speed corners). My approx setup for both of these tracks looks something like this: Aero: 3/6 Differential: 50/60 Camber/toe: -2.80, -1.30, 0.08, 0.29 Suspension: 1/4, 6/8, 1/4 Brakes: 100/50 Tyre pressure: All minimum Through these corners it is very unpredictable and hard to control, even easing off the throttle. My question is, what would be the first things you would look at changing? Adding rear downforce? Increasing ride height? Rear toe? Increasing suspension stiffness? I have played around with different things but have never kind of got the balance right, especially on these tracks. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. I currently qualify at 90 ai and can usually blitz my teammate. But come the race, I'm usually all over the show! I think part of it is I'm inconsistent- I can put down good laps but I make too many mistakes. Whereas the AI mostly drive like robots. Your spot on with advice about just enjoying it! Ps. Are you still making / posting setups? There are probably a couple of tracks where I'd love to know what your running.
  4. I posted this on the codemasters forums earlier but realised I'll probably get a better response from like-minded people here. I play career mode, currently with the AI difficulty at 90. I use setups from this website (designed for races... I always prioritise stability over one lap speed). In qualifying I find that level is generally absolutely perfect for my ability in terms of a realistic position based on my car and my performance in qualifying. However, to stay competitive in the race (even with a stable setup that's not particularly aggressive) I generally have to push myself far too hard to keep up with the AI (basically, as if I am putting down a qualifying lap), leading to big mistakes and much frustration. This is only doing 5 lap races. I am thinking about going to 25% races, and I don't know how I would manage if the AI maintained that kind of speed & consistency over more laps. I know that it is all down to personal ability- higher skilled users are probably much more consistent overall. But has anyone else noticed this? And if you also change the AI difficulty between qualifying and the race, how much do you reduce it by? I'm trying to settle on a fair amount. I'm hoping that other people say this is a thing in the game, because changing the difficulty between sessions feels like cheating!!! Many thanks in advance
  5. This setup has sorted out my big problem in turn 12. First 3 season's of my career and I've been on for a win / great result each time, only to have big high speed spins each time and finish dead last. I finally got the W in season 4 using this setup. It's probably not quite as quick in terms of 1 lap speed as the setup I was using previously (Vorrions) but it's still very quick, and it's rock solid stable and I was able to be more consistent generally. Most importantly, if I hit one of those tough kerbs this setup either rides it, or it can be saved (instead of instant big spin). Thank you, great setup and much appreciated.
  6. Can anyone help me with this track? I'm using vorrions setup above, and its quick. However if I hit the inside kerb on Pouhon (turn 12) I spin off every time. Can this be sorted with a setup tweak or is that corner just a killer?
  7. Really loved this setup, even in the dry. Struggled through the two high speed right handers before but it was easy with this. Probably sacrificed top speed but it was easy to be consistent.
  8. This is a great setup. I hate this track but managed to do really well with this setup. Absolutely loving your season 2 setups. They work fine on my own season 2 Alpha. The one thing that I have to change generally (not on this one) is of you have differential below 75%, as otherwise the rear end can be unstable leading too some disastrous moments. I play 90 AI with medium traction control, and I think I'm just not skilled enough on the throttle to go lower on the differential.
  9. Thanks Vorrion. The setup felt superb as i grabbed my first career win on 90% AI in the Alpha. The only feedback would be that when I viewed the replay, the car was sparking like crazy. It seemed to perform fine, but do I need to change the ride height on the Alpha if this is happening?
  10. Works well for my Alfa in career mode season 1. Very well balanced.
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