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  1. That has nothing to do with what I posted at all
  2. Yep that be nice also the fact twice I selected red bull and then Albon as my co driver yet game just ignored it and put max as my fellow driver instead lol.
  3. Have the engineer actually say different things, his voice recording has stayed the same for years now, seems all this money they make and they can’t even be bothered to change voice recordings lol. also fix the random booting in online weekly event mode, I Hager booted and told I don’t have online permissions when I have Xbox ultimate and play oa line games all the time
  4. Agree and is it me or is Hamilton really better in game than he is in real life, in latest career I just started, I’m on 105 for difficulty and Hamilton and managed to win 5 out of first 7 races and been a lap ahead of even 3rd place.
  5. Was just now doing weekly event race and was in 1st place after 3 laps and was over 4 seconds ahead. I then get booted out of event and game told me I had no online permission!!! if I didn’t have online permission how have a played the practice and qualifying and 3 laps of race and yes I have xbox ultimate so can play multiplayer np. Seems codemasters can’t even get the online working properly never mind some of the bugs in game that have been present since the 2016 version of the game!
  6. Been using both your first and second season sets ups and just joined forums to say a big ty as your set ups really helped
  7. Biggest bug I come across is when racing for Williams at end of second season in last race I finished first half a second ahead of vettel yet I was classified as last and one lap down. This also happened to me in the 2018 version in exactly same reach at end of second season with Williams but that time I was nearly 1 lap ahead (difficulty was set to a lot less) and yet again was classed as last...
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