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  1. Right on bro, works great on my team Ferrari engine and Xbox. Thanks great setups
  2. Works great on Xbox bro. Rear end a bit loose but it's needed with a controller I think. Good work and thanks. Also I skipped Monaco, one cause I don't have Jedi reflexes and two because u hadn't posted a setup. Game AI saved me as I qualified p20 and it got me p11 with race simulated. Lol. Better than i could do.
  3. I posted on wrong thing earlier lol. Thanks muneeb for the setups please keep doing them. They worked great on my Ferrari engine for this track. I wish all us community people could setup a race or be on friends on Xbox or whatever. Anyway thanks again it's appreciated by us all
  4. Awesome thank you this setup is great I have Ferrari engine and it works great. Please keep doing them your good at it. Some of us would stay in back of pack if not for these setups lol. So thank you
  5. Good setup. I got Ferrari and it works great
  6. Morning guys, anyone got Ferrari setup for this track. And dude was right from the sky section two does look like Vietnam is compensating for something lol. But my Xbox keeps freezing in my career mid race, so I'm playing Ferrari if anyone gotta setup that be helpful as I need to knock like two seconds off this time... Maybe need better driver lol. Thanks. Or since it's wanting to work now anyone got a my team with Ferrari engine setup. And how come no one puts tire compound type in setup, I'm just curious as to me the handling from soft to medium is different. Thanks
  7. Is no one using Ferrari engines in my team lol. I must be only one. Looking for help with set-up but thinking just use 2019 Ferrari setup as a starting point. And thanks for all the awesome other setups in f2. Helped me a lot
  8. Awesome made me win with xbx controller. Thanks
  9. Hey man your f2 setup on France was awesome thanks. 


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