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  1. Team: My Team S2 (Merc) -5th best performance Lap Time: 1:33.321 Race Mode: Career Quali Weather: Dry Controller Type: Wheel Aerodynamics Front Wing Aero: 6 Rear Wing Aero: 6 Transmission Differential Adjustment On Throttle: 60% Differential Adjustment Off throttle: 70% Suspension Geometry Front Camber: -2.70 Rear Camber: -1.20 Front Toe: 0.07 Rear Toe: 0.23 Suspension Font Suspension: 3 Rear Suspension: 4 Front Anti-Roll Bar: 7 Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 7 Front Ride Height: 4 Rear Ride Height: 5 Brakes Brake Pressure: 95% Front Brake Bias: 55% Tyres Front Right Tyre Pressure: 21.8psi Front Left Tyre Pressure: 21.8psi Rear Right Pressure: 20.3psi Rear Left Tyre Pressure: 20.3psi Front Wing at 5 and 75% diff for quali For 50% race use the 2 stop
  2. Your setups are gonna make me up my AI. Car is too fast
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