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  1. TEAM Honda engine LAP TIME 1.30.644 RACE TYPE My Team WEATHER Dry CONTROLLER Ps4 pad AERO front wing: 5 Rear wing: 5 TRANSMISSION on throttle: 50% Off throttle: 65% SUSPENSION GEOMETRY Front camber: -2.50 Rear camber: -1.00 Front toe: 0.05 Rear toe: 0.20 SUSPENSION Front suspension: 3 Rear suspension: 4 Front anti roll bar: 3 Rear anti roll bar: 9 Front ride height: 2 Rear ride height: 3 BRAKES Pressure: 100% Bias: 54% TYRES Front right: 21.8 Front left: 21.8 Rear right: 20.7 Rear left: 20.7 Mostly invested in aero and chassis with just over half researched in both, for me, this setup makes the car feel like its on rails. 2 seconds faster than estimated pole time
  2. Have been struggling to get my track acclimatisation purple, untill i tried this setup, did it first try.
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