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  1. Merry Christmas everyone

  2. CRG_24: Feel free to post them, that is that this topic is for! Not just for people to boast
  3. Currently on season 3 at Valencia racing for Lotus Renault

  4. Love the new #BA advert for London 2012

  5. A man started throwing words at me that begin with "th". Managed to dodge this, there and then, but i didn't see that coming #Dave #TimVine

  6. Free texts, facebook & twitter on the lapop and DaveHD on the telly! my idea of a big night :)

  7. Suarez should be banned from playing any professional football in this country #iGotNoRespectForYou

  8. ...Once the update finishes!!

  9. What is it with Italians and abandoning sinking ships? #Capello

  10. I just bought: 'Ratchet and Clank: All for One (PS3)' by Sony via @amazonuk http://t.co/YEofks8u

  11. Snowing in London? Get a grip guys, it's snowing across most of the country

  12. Just learnt that snowy conditins is not the right time to break out the Infra Red camera filter, still white in that part of the spectrum!

  13. 400g of haribo for £1.15! Beats 200g for £1 at Best-One

  14. There's a film about Thatcher. Apparently it's not suitable for miners

  15. I know this says something about my life but... my new hole-punch has arrived! #yay!

  16. eCard and Canvas prints now available! http://t.co/63XjvWPt

  17. Leeds United sack manager Grayson http://t.co/xHNvKy3o

  18. Just orderd a 15x10inch print from myself for just £6 :) Don't you just love cheap near-wholesale pricing! #Photography http://t.co/63XjvWPt

  19. Be careful what you wish for, history starts now

  20. Silentnight bed factory in Batley is being put to sleep

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