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Found 7 results

  1. Does anyone have suggestions for the Wheel Settings for the Thrustmaster T150? I bought it yesterday and I use it on PS4! - Steering Deadzone - Steering Linearity - Steering Saturation - Throttle Deadzone - Throttle Saturation - Brake Deadzone - Brake Saturation And FFB ( Force Feedback) ? Thanks, greetings from The Netherlands!
  2. Hello guys! Just wanted to make a post in the general forum, I've created a thread in the stories section of the 2016 part of the site for videos I'm doing on my very recently done Youtube channel. A couple of episodes are out and I would love it if someone who perhaps likes my setups or just want to help a fellow member check it out! If you find it interesting and want to see more please do click the Youtube icon and leave a comment, likes and subscribes are awesome as well of course but what I really need is feedback at the moment. But feel free to help out if you are in the mood! You can always comment in the thread itself if that's easier for you. I don't have any followers as this is a new channel and I've never done a channel before so please be gracious to me PS: The Episodes are different in the narration after the quick edit of qualifying. So what do you guys prefer? I'd really like to know as I'm starting recording China now and if direct commentary while playing is preferable to narration afterwards I need to know before hand. Thanks for you time!
  3. Ahead of the F1 2016 release on August 19th, I wanted to share a quick but well crafted backstory I made that is surely to keep you entertained from start to finish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjO4NQjBE8o For all those that have been exposed to the prominent Career Mode Youtubers, this series will strike a healthy balance between Tiametmarduk's "hey guys I'm a Youtuber doing a career mode" style and Aarava's "I will RP the almighty life out of this, including cutscenes from GTA V, and other peripherals" style. I'll keep it mainly focused on the track, but the entire thing will be kept immersive with refined, in-character narration, pit wall-to-driver comms (like at the beginning of the video), a set of parody sports news segments (formatted after ESPN, Sky Sports, etc) covering interesting events occurring in and arround the career mode races, and a handful of other elements. The career will most likely be played in Ultimate AI mode (pace-wise, I'd say I'm in the ballpark of Aarava and Tiametmarduk) since at the moment I'm beating my teammate by over a second in Q3 on Legend difficulty with no assists in F1 2015. Let me know what you think! Frequent updates are on the /r/VincentMiller subreddit.
  4. Hey guys was just wondering what team to start up in career mode, i have actually couple choices either Renault or force india. Others opinnions are welcome
  5. Hey guys. Looking for new people to join our PS4 F1 2016 league from Aus/NZ. We already have around 10-15 people interested in racing and wouldn't mind some more. Here is the site: http://playstationracingleague.webs.comHopefully people from Australia and New Zealand will be interested to race in our league. To sign up just press register on the home page and create an account from there.Just a side note, the site is still work in progress. That's why it still looks underdone. We will fix this shortly
  6. Grüß euch! Die Austrian F1 Racing League sucht noch nach Mitglieder! Also jeder der Lust hat, bei F1 2016 auf der PlayStation 4 in einer Liga mitzufahren, kann sich anmelden. http://www.clanplanet.de/_sites/index.asp?rn=&clanid=70933 Bei Fragen einfach an eines unserer Clanmitglieder wenden. Wir freuen uns auf euch! Sportliche Grüße Robert PSN rowi1986
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